Perfect Dark: Development is progressing "extremely well," according to Crystal Dynamics

Perfect Dark: Development is progressing extremely well, according to Crystal Dynamics

Perfect Dark

During Embracer Group's latest financial report, Crystal Dynamics CEO Phil Rogers stated that development of the Xbox exclusive Perfect Dark is progressing " extremely well ".

Perfect Dark is the new chapter of the series started in 2000 by Rare. The title is in development at The Initiative in collaboration with Crystal Dynamics. The Embracer Group team therefore covers the role of co-developer, a practice that according to Rogers will also be adopted for other projects and by other publishers in the future.

"We are working on Perfect Dark and the project is progressing extremely well,” said the Crystal Dynamics CEO. “From the inside it is so promising to see how our team has taken this opportunity, a new way of working.”

“If we think about the future of the way we work, collaboration between studios, with time zones, regions and different companies will become more common, so it's great to see The Initiative team and our team at Crystal Studios collaborate so well."

Perfect Dark, a promotional image The same concept was expressed also by Matt Booty, the head of Xbox Studios, in an interview published in early November, where among other things he explained that the collaboration between Crystal Dynamics and The Initiative for Perfect Dark is practically on par .

"They're equal partners in development. It's not a case where Crystal Dynamics has taken over or is replacing [The Initiative].," Booty said. "We've had a hundred people available, who have a great pedigree of working with Tomb Raider. They're available, they're excited to be working on Perfect Dark. It's really a part of how you build a development team these days." , not a sign that we're trying to make up for anything."

Perfect Dark doesn't currently have an official launch window. Maybe, with development progressing so well, maybe the time is right for a new trailer and news at The Game Awards 2022 on December 9th.

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