Navigator, the government leaves them at home

Navigator, the government leaves them at home


In its first week in office, the newborn government of President Giorgia Meloni has already cut about a thousand jobs, not renewing the contracts of the now former navigators, in charge of assisting the beneficiaries of citizenship income in finding a job or a training opportunity. The confirmation was given by the Ministry of Labor with a note released on November 1st, in line with the government's goal of drastically reducing the number of income recipients.

The right-wing citizenship income plan does not is the solution we need The government says it wants to focus on training and wants to remove the subsidy to those who work, without however wanting to address the issues of social and work reintegration

Against citizenship income

The right has made the battle against citizenship income a banner of its electoral campaign, promising its cancellation and a return to more stringent welfare policies, on the model of the old inclusion income, dedicated exclusively to people unable to work. The first assist to change the flag measurement of the 5-star Movement came thanks to the expiration of the navigator contracts, which took place on October 31, 2022.

What does the new Minister of Public Administration Paolo Zangrillo, brother of Alberto, Silvio Berlusconi's personal doctor, think of smart working, he entered politics in 2018. His adventure in the Meloni executive began with an error that he had assigned to the Ministry of the Environment. On agile work he says he is more open than his predecessor Brunetta

Stop the navigators

For the government, in fact, the contracts of the former navigators "cannot be extended" and "further uses of the former navigators would require the approval of a specific norm, not to the study of the ministry ". So reads the note signed by the new Minister of Labor, Marina Calderone, who in fact announces the dismissal of the last thousand navigators left, out of the initial 2,000, and no evaluation or plan for the reintegration of people involved in the world of work. br>
After the navigators, the government could affect the 660 thousand citizens' income beneficiaries who have signed the Pact for work, that is the path of accompaniment to the job placement carried out by the navigators. In the meantime, reports Il Sole 24 ore, Molise, Basilicata and Sicily have asked the government to extend the contracts of the navigators at least until the end of the year, in order to be able to complete the competitions to hire new employees in the employment centers. A request that looks like it will not be</a> heard.