Legacy of Kain: Crystal Dynamics has responded to fan requests

Legacy of Kain: Crystal Dynamics has responded to fan requests

Legacy of Kain

In recent years there have been numerous and well received returns of old legendary videogame sagas. Just think of the very recent Return to Monkey Island, announced and released within a few months and capable of making the hearts of fans of the pirate series beat again. Now, after the acquisition of Crystal Dynamics by the Embracer group, many have returned to clamoring to bring the Legacy of Kain series back to life, and apparently the US team has received the message loud and clear.

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“We wanted to have a clear perspective on what the community is looking for, and how they would welcome the opportunity to return to the land of Nosgoth with our iconic IP, Legacy of Kain,” said Phil Rogers, CEO of Crystal Dynamics and Eidos, during the recent call with shareholders of parent company Embracer Group. This response from the fans cannot go unnoticed by the Crystal Dynamics team, who would seem to have very clearly understood the requests of the fans.

Unfortunately, to date, we still have no certainty about the return of Legacy of Kain , but it seems increasingly clear that sooner or later the dark fantasy saga will have to re-embrace the patient fans who have been waiting for its return for years. We can only wait, and hope that something really starts to move after this latest survey proposed by Crystal Dynamics.

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