Fallout: Obsidian's Josh Sawyer would like to work on the series again, after New Vegas

Fallout: Obsidian's Josh Sawyer would like to work on the series again, after New Vegas


Obsidian's Josh Sawyer was recently interviewed by Kinda Funny Games, specifically regarding the release of his new game, Pentiment, but he also gave Fallout a thought, claiming that he wants to return to work on the series after Fallout's development : New Vegas.

Sawyer said he was extremely attracted to the series, and defined his development experience on Fallout: New Vegas as extremely satisfying and fantastic, supporting his willingness to return to the franchise, obviously if there is any was the possibility. On the other hand, considering that New Vegas is still considered one of the best chapters of the series, everyone would like it a bit.

"I love Fallout, I love the setting and I would see myself working on it again series, but you know, we'll see where the future takes me," he said.

Fallout: New Vegas, an illustration of the game Sawyer recently led the development of Pentiment with a small group of other creatives at Obsidian and the game has turned out to be really interesting, just released this week on Xbox Game Pass .

As for Fallout, answering other questions, he reported that he would find an in-depth study of the California or Midwest setting interesting for a new chapter, but it would be important first of all to find a team of developers who are all equally passionate about the subject and therefore also about the setting chosen for any new chapter.

On the other hand, for Sawyer the series could also move elsewhere in the world, even outside the USA, considering that "there are a lot of excellent opportunities, it depends on what you want to stage". The other co-founder of Obsidian, Feargus Urquhart, had also previously reported that he would very much like to return to work on Fallout. Considering that the franchise is now owned by Bethesda and that the latter, like Obsidian, is part of Xbox Game Studios, the prospects for a new collaboration would not be so absurd.

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