Energy Dome, the Italian CO2 battery is a reality

Energy Dome, the Italian CO2 battery is a reality

Energy Dome

It is increasingly important to find efficient ways to produce and store energy, it is not for nothing that investments in the field of all-round batteries have clearly increased in recent years and in Italy we are no less: the startup Energy Dome has developed a project for a CO2 battery that allows energy from renewable sources to be stored thanks to the use of carbon dioxide.

The Energy Dome project has received significant funding from American companies that consider the idea of ​​the Italian startup particularly valid: thanks to this CO2 battery it is possible to store energy from sources that work intermittently, such as solar panels or wind turbines, and it is a fundamental step forward towards decarbonisation of human activities.

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In the gas compression phase, heat is produced, and this heat is also stored; to generate and distribute energy instead, the CO2 is heated and reconverted into gas which in turn feeds a turbine to produce electricity. The whole system is sealed and CO2 in gaseous form is contained within the system.

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Energy Dome's goal is to become a leader in the energy sector, especially in the market American, and the goal is to have the first system ready by 2024.