Amazon offers: Apple MacBook Air model 2022 at the lowest price

Amazon offers: Apple MacBook Air model 2022 at the lowest price

Amazon offers

Today's Amazon offers allow us to purchase an 8 + 256GB Apple MacBook Air (model 2022) laptop. The reported discount is € 230, or 15%. You can find the product at this address or via the box below. function ready (fn) {if (document.readyState! = 'loading') {fn ()} else {document.addEventListener ('DOMContentLoaded', fn)}} ready (function () {window.addEventListener ('message', function (event) {let target_origin = ''; if (event.origin! == target_origin) return; if (typeof == "object" && ( "type") && == "embaff") {let embed_id =; if (embed_id == '1587') {document.querySelector ('#_ aff_embed_1587'). setAttribute ('height ',;}}}, false);}) The recommended price for this Apple MacBook Air is 1,529 €. The current price is the lowest ever offered on the platform. The product is sold and shipped by Amazon. The product is immediately available for shipment and the return is possible until January 31, 2023 (extended period compared to the standard one).

Apple MacBook Air (model 2022) weighs only 1.24 Kg. It is equipped with an 8 core CPU and a 10-core GPU with 24GB of unified memory. The battery promises up to 18 hours of use. The display is 13.6-inch Liquid Retina with more than 500 nits of brightness. The FaceTime HD camera is at 1080p, with three microphones in array and four-speaker audio system with spatial audio

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