Valve has registered the Neon Prime trademark, which appears to refer to a new game

Valve has registered the Neon Prime trademark, which appears to refer to a new game

Valve has registered the Neon Prime trademark

Despite being one of the most prosperous companies in the gaming field, unfortunately Valve appears somewhat disconnected from the development and publication of video games, so the fact that it has recently registered the Neon Prime trademark and that this seems to be linked to video games is interesting news. >
As always when it comes to trademark registrations, it could mean very little: operations of this type are carried out regularly by companies on a frequent basis and are not always actually linked to products in development or in exit, therefore we cannot say with certainty that this registration is a prelude to the launch of video games.

In any case, the registration of this mysterious Neon Prime dates back to a few days ago at the patent office and the product description specifically refers to "computer game software", "video game software", "computer game programs downloadable via the internet ". That is, it seems to be a video game, perhaps possibly to be published in digital form.

It obviously remains to be seen if behind there is a real project in development by Valve and if it could be a new franchise. It must be said that, according to various rumors, Valve should have many games in development, so it is possible that it is one of them. In the meantime, the fundamental question always remains unexpected: when will Half-Life 3 be released?

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Valve Registers Mystery Video Game Trademark for 'Neon Prime'

Valve has registered a mysterious new trademark for 'Neon Prime' that may allude to a brand new video game IP from the Half-Life and Portal developer.

The name, registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, was noticed by Reddit user itsairnd (below) and appears to be for a video game, or at least related software. That means, despite Valve's recent success with hardware like the Steam Deck and Index VR headset, this trademark appears to be game related.

'[The] Neon Prime trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of computer game software, electronic game software, video game software, computer game programs downloadable via the internet,' the trademark reads.

There's no other information to suggest what Neon Prime could be, but the trademark only being registered now doesn't necessarily mean its years away. Supermassive Games only registered its trademark for The Quarry in February 2022, for example, and the game was released just four months later in June.

Valve is perhaps better known for its game storefront Steam than for making its own games these days, but it still releases the occasional title including 2020's Half-Life Alyx (that IGN said was a masterpiece) and Aperture Desk Job earlier this year.

Its focus recently has been more on hardware than software, however, as Valve released its portable gaming PC the Steam Deck earlier this year, and in October a job listing appeared to reveal that a new virtual reality headset is in development too.

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