The Crew 3 should be called Motorfest, according to a rumor

The Crew 3 should be called Motorfest, according to a rumor

The Crew 3 should be called Motorfest

The Crew 3 could be called Motorfest, according to an indiscretion collected by insiders Shpeshal Nick and Tom Henderson. Currently the game is in development under the working name Project Orlando, but the two insiders have received images of the game, with the request that they are not published, which show the Motorfest logo in several places such as an electronic billboard, the loading menu. and others.

It is unclear whether Ubisoft has decided to take The Crew brand off completely, but insiders have reported that it did not appear in any of the images provided.

The game could be called The Crew: Motorfest, or the Motorfest could be one of the main features of the same, but it is only a hypothesis. There is probably no definitive name yet.

Ubisoft referred to the game as The Crew Orlando in early 2021, with the project having undergone several changes during development.

The first leaks about the game spoke of Project Orlando which, developed by Ivory Tower, was to be a DLC of The Crew 2, to then be promoted to a standalone game.

From what is known, the new The Crew will run on a new engine and, according to the images seen by the two insiders, will be set on Oahu, an island in Hawaii. Ubisoft on its own has not commented on the new rumors. Of course it is fair to specify that this is unofficial information, so not verified. However, considering the amount of leaks Ubisoft has suffered in recent years, which have proved to be very reliable, we do not have a hard time believing that they are true.

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