Pokémon Unite, ESL Italia Championship presented by Euronics is on its way to the final stages

Pokémon Unite, ESL Italia Championship presented by Euronics is on its way to the final stages

Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite's ESL Italia Championship presented by Euronics is heading towards the Grand Finale. In fact, there are only a few days left and the first group stage will close by decreeing the teams that will compete for the victory in an exclusive location, not yet announced.

Sunday, October 16th starting at 6pm the channel Twitch of ESL Italia will broadcast Loxis Forge VS. 5i for Group A and Ok let's goo VS. Rock Solid for Group B. The winning teams will compete against Reghium Esports ASD, and TATTIPATATI respectively. The two teams that emerge as winners will compete in the Pokémon Unite EIC Grand Final, which will be held on a date yet to be announced at an exclusive location.

ESL Italia Championship presented by Euronics is the biggest Italian export tournament with more than € 20,000 up for grabs, divided between Gran Turismo, Apex Legends and, in fact, Pokémon Unite. The tournament dedicated to the MOBA of TiMi and Pokémon Company started last May and has developed long different phases from which the teams that will compete on Sunday 16 live on Twitch have emerged.

The qualifiers had to demonstrate consistency and unity of purpose throughout the tournament, having emerged from a long qualifying phase, and a group stage, made up of the winners of the four tournaments that took place between May and July and the four teams that have accumulated the most points.

Group A was made up of 5i, TATTIPATATI, Hidden Power and Loxis Forge, while Group B was made up of Rock Solid, Scorepions, Reghium Esports ASD and Ok let's goo. These then challenged each other in a "double elimination bracket", that is a single elimination tournament in which the losing teams have a second chance through the Loser bracket. From here came the contenders on Sunday 16: Loxis Forge VS. 5i decide who will challenge Reghium Esports ASD and Ok let's goo VS. Rock Solid to get to know the opponents of the TATTIPATATI.

You can see the last stages of the tournament through the Twitch player present in this news or directly on the official channel of ESL Italy. Don't miss it.

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Pokémon Go, Pokémon UNITE to increase microtransaction prices on App Store in multiple countries very soon

A set of new price and tax changes is about to be implemented for the Apple App Store in certain countries soon, which means there are going to be some additional updates coming to games that feature in-app purchases—including multiple Pokémon titles. 

Pokémon Go, UNITE, and Café Mix will all see an increase in currency prices starting as early as Oct. 5, which is when the new App Store changes will begin rolling out.

These changes will go into effect in Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, and all territories that use the euro currency. There are certain things developers and publishers can do to alter the price of apps and in-app purchases on their end, but overall prices will be increased in these listed locations. 

Niantic is the only developer of the bunch to share this information on its English social channels, partially because it will impact not only Pokémon Go, but also Ingress and Pikmin Bloom.

And, while nothing about the games themselves is changing, the developer is going to monitor how it impacts the community. 

“We know changes to pricing and currency are impactful to our community, and we want to provide proactive notice that some players will experience increased in-game currency prices starting as early as Oct. 5 due to changes in App Store price tiers,” Niantic said.

“While we will not be taking any immediate action in response to this change, we’ll be monitoring its impact and discussing how to navigate changing conditions globally.”

These changes will impact each region differently depending on how much the pricing for apps and in-app purchases increase, which can be viewed in an updated price chart published by Apple.

You can also read more about the specifics in the Apple update notice.