High-performance MSI Tomahawk motherboard, 24% off for Prime Day!

High-performance MSI Tomahawk motherboard, 24% off for Prime Day!

High-performance MSI Tomahawk motherboard

The second Prime Day of the year has begun, bringing lots of offers for each category of products available on Amazon. Among the most interesting discounts are those dedicated to motherboards, a fundamental component in the world of hardware.

In particular, among the offers is available MSI's MAG B660 Tomahawk motherboard, which is currently being sold for € 194.99. This is a discount of 24% compared to the original price of € 258.00, so a truly unmissable opportunity.

The MAG B660 Tomahawk is a high performance ATX motherboard and designed for gaming; it supports 12th generation Intel Core processors, allowing you to run any title on the market at high graphics settings.

Thanks to dual 8-pin power connectors and Core Boost technology, the motherboard is capable of to support very heavy CPU power loads. Even the most demanding games will not give you any problems but, if you need to, you will be able to apply overclocking to the memory to further improve its performance.

Although it can run even the heaviest games, the MSI's MAG B660 Tomahawk will always stay cool, being equipped with an extended heat sink and 7W / mK thermal pads. All this is supported by Wifi 6 connectivity and a 2.56Gbps LAN controller, which will allow you to play online multiplayer without ever being afraid of crashing.

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MSI teases its next-gen Z790 motherboards

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It's an exciting time to be a PC hardware enthusiast. After a quiet 2022 so far, we're about to be inundated with product launches and upgrade options, including AMD's Ryzen 7000 series (opens in new tab), Nvidia's RTX 40 GPUs (opens in new tab)and of course, Intel's 13th Gen (opens in new tab) series of CPUs and motherboards. 

13th Gen CPUs will launch alongside Z790 motherboards. MSI has begun teasing its Z790 boards ahead of a virtual reveal event scheduled to take place on September 27. The event is expected to coincide with the launch of Intel's 13th Gen 'K' series of CPUs.

MSI's tweet teases several boards. It's expected MSI will stick with its product current branding, dividing its range into three broad segments. These are the high-end MEG series, the mid-range MPG series and the lower-tier MAG series. The MEG range includes models such as the Godlike, Unify, and Ace. The MPG series includes models such as the Carbon and Edge, while the MAG series includes the popular and highly regarded Tomahawk boards.

Z790 motherboards are expected to bring evolutionary upgrades over current Z690 boards. The chipset is expected to offer a higher I/O lane count, but the CPU PCIe 5.0 lane count will remain the same, meaning AMD will gain an advantage by offering dedicated PCIe 5.0 lanes for an SSD. Board makers have the option to split 13th Gen's 16 PCIe 5.0 lanes between the primary GPU slot and M.2 slots though.

Z790 boards and 13th Gen CPUs will offer native DDR5-5600 support. That's a nice increase over 12th Gen's base 4800MHz support, though it's no surprise given that 12th Gen CPUs and 600 series boards happily chug along at speeds of 6000MHz or more. 

Users with a set of DDR4 will be pleased to know that vendors will offer select Z790 boards with DDR4 support. This gives Intel and advantage in total platform cost, whereas Ryzen 7000 series buyers are required to use more expensive DDR5.

If you don't want to buy a new motherboard, but do want to upgrade to a new CPU, you can. Vendors have already released BIOS updates for 600 series motherboards that add support for 13th Gen CPUs.

If you want to watch MSI's virtual event (opens in new tab) you'll need to register, but even if you're not set on buying an MSI board, tuning in could help you make a more informed choice, no matter which brand you end up going with.

PC Gamer will have a series of Z690 (and X670 and B650) reviews over the coming weeks and months, so keep an eye out for those.