Zoom could handle email and calendar as well

Zoom could handle email and calendar as well

Zoom, one of the most used software for video calling that has seen its popularity soar over the last two years due to the restrictions on circulation introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, could soon introduce new applications to provide a more complete package.

According to The Information, the company has been working on a calendar and its own e-mail client for a couple of years. The applications, known internally as Zmail and Zcal, could be officially unveiled next November at the annual Zoomtopia conference.

As the pandemic situation improves, the company probably needs to find new ways to stay on top of the wave (it had recently posted quarterly revenue of $ 1.1 billion) and did not see its shares plummet even further.

Photo Credit: Zoom After all, many technology companies have found themselves facing the same problems. With the lockdowns and the incredible demand for software and hardware, demand had risen so much that it struggled to meet the demands, while now, with the situation almost back to normal (apart from the war between Russia and Ukraine), different companies reported a significant drop in revenues.| ); } Furthermore, Zoom is at a disadvantage compared to real giants such as Google and Microsoft which, with their Workspace and Office 365 suites, are able to satisfy any need of companies, which will be less inclined to invest in additional software. In addition, with Gmail and Outlook in circulation for several years it will be quite difficult for Zoom to be able to dent their market share.

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