What do we know about the 200 euro bonus for self-employed and freelancers

What do we know about the 200 euro bonus for self-employed and freelancers

Self-employed and freelancers will have to wait at least September 20 to apply for the € 200 bonus. The official date has not yet been made known, but following a meeting with some INPS executives, the Association of private presidential bodies (Adepp) has made it known that before starting the sending of the questions one must wait the entry into force of the implementing decree, after which the measure - introduced with the Aid decree - will finally be able to start. The text that will make the measure applicable is in fact in the hands of the Court of Auditors since last August 23 "for the necessary checks", and will end up in the Official Journal only when the accounting judiciary has finished the checks, which should happen precisely on September 20.

When can it be requested? Will there be a click day? What are the requirements to get it? How do you apply for it? When can it be requested? As mentioned, there is still no official information on the starting date of applications except that it will be after 20 September, while we know that the last useful date for submitting the request will be 30 November. Adepp has in fact made it known that "30 November has been identified as the peremptory date by which to submit applications, which is also the deadline for the electronic submission of the tax return to the Revenue Agency".

Will there be a click day? The doubt had emerged in recent weeks, but Adepp reassured the beneficiaries by specifying that "an in-depth study was carried out on the allocation made by the government" and it proved to be large enough to satisfy all requests. Consequently, there is no point in talking about click days - which implies that the earlier you apply, the more chance you have of getting the bonus - as it will be enough to qualify and apply correctly within the indicated period to make sure you get the bonus. indemnity. "There is no risk that those in possession of the requirements will not access the bonus", clarifies Adepp.

What are the requirements to get it? To obtain the compensation, it is necessary to be registered in one of the Inps social security funds and have an active VAT number by 18 May 2022, and it is necessary that the self-employed worker and the professional have received a total income during the year 2021 not exceeding 35 thousand euros.

How do you apply for it? No official information has yet been provided, but the procedures for requesting the bonus are expected to be the same as those that were put in place to distribute the quarterly allowance of € 600 or € 1,000 in 2020 to independent employees struggling with the consequences of the pandemic. It would therefore be an ad hoc IT platform that will be set up on the sites of INPS and individual categorical bodies. Here you will have to declare that you are enrolled in one of the social security administrations of INPS, that you do not have a pension or citizenship income, and you will have to demonstrate that you comply with the income requirement specified above.