Tesla Model Y ready in 7 days, thanks to Giga Shanghai

Tesla Model Y ready in 7 days, thanks to Giga Shanghai

Tesla Model Y ready in 7 days

In China you can receive your new Tesla Model Y in just 7 days: no we were not wrong and no, the news does not come from a parallel universe, it is only the result of the great efforts made by Tesla to expand the Gigafactory in Shanghai, which today is able to ensure lightning-fast deliveries at least on the most popular model of the moment, the new Model Y with structural battery.

Until recently, the estimated waiting times were between 4 and 8 weeks, but apparently the Chinese factory of Elon Musk has exceeded all expectations, so much so that today the delivery times are instead estimated between 1 and 4 weeks, depending on the color of the car and the optionals chosen during the purchase phase.

The production of the new Model Y in the Chinese plant is so high that these specimens are also imported into the European markets: just a few days ago we told you about the official arrival of the new Model Y in Italy at a price of € 49,990 , a price that today is officially the lowest in the Tesla list after the Model 3, due to the increase in the cost of all the raw materials used and the energy needed for production, slowly rose to the figure that has stopped today. to € 57,490. Contrary to what was told a few days ago, the rear-wheel drive Model Ys that will arrive in Italy will be produced in the Shanghai factory, while the Gigafactory Berlin will be in charge of producing the Long Range and Performance models.

Here's How Long A Tesla Model Y Battery Will Actually Last

Many of us have found ourselves at the side of the road waiting for someone to arrive with a gas can to fill our empty tank. Pushing your gasoline-powered engine too far when the gauge is reading 'E' will do that. And like pushing your luck with these types of vehicles, you'll find yourself in a similar situation with an all-electric model if you aren't planning your journey with care, requiring roadside assistance or an emergency charging solution.

The Tesla Model Y is equipped with a long-range battery that will last you a full day on the road in the vast majority of situations. If you are driving the Performance Model Y, this vehicle will carry you an average of 303 miles on a full charge, according to Tesla. Should you be considering the Long-Range Model Y, you can expect the battery to last longer, getting 330 miles on the same charge. 

By charging the EV overnight when you are finished, you'll have a fully charged battery to begin your day, assuming you have a home charger. And if you are running low on juice, you'll find over 35,000 Tesla Supercharging Stations around the world, around 1,400 of which are in the United States, according to the latest data from Scrape Hero. Plug your Model Y into one of these spots and Tesla says on its website that you can expect to get around 200 miles of range after 15 minutes of charging.