Skyrim: mod makes the use of beds realistic

Skyrim: mod makes the use of beds realistic


Just a few moments ago we told you about a dream mod that allows you to play Marvel's Spider-Man in first person. The interesting mods made in this period, however, do not end there, and the protagonist this time is a heavyweight when it comes to the mod scene on PC: The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Strange but true, the mod in question is all based on the experience that can be lived using the beds inside the fantasy world of the Bethesda RPG.

The Elder's Scrolls V: Skyrim
NPCs also benefit from this new comfort, since if you catch them still in bed they will be wrapped up under the blankets or inside your sleeping bag. The modder says he is very satisfied with this latest creation, but he is well aware that the graphic aspect of the blankets implemented is not of high quality. This, however, does not affect the final result which is still very interesting and above all original.| ); } Once again, modders manage to make the infinite world of The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim even more real and immersive than ever. It seems like a small thing, but finding an NPC in bed with a lot of blankets gives a new feeling. If you are interested in trying this mod, you can find information and installation details on the official page of the mod on NexusMod, and you can access it by clicking on this address.

Sex appeal Skyrim mod helps you get laid, but only in the fantasy game

Ever wanted an accessory to easily increase your sex appeal? Well now it’s possible, even if it’s restricted to one of the best RPG games of all time. As a newly released Skyrim sex appeal mod is out in the wild, and it does what it can to help you chat up Tamriel’s residents.

Called the Amulet of Mass Sex Appeal and developed by Kenny Jarvis, this mod doesn’t actually change a whole lot about the fantasy game itself. Instead, it aims to give Farengar Secret-Fire of Whiterun an amulet to help him with his sex life, because of course it does.

“One day Farengar was thinking about why he never got laid much. Knowing he has the personality of a plank, he enchanted an Amulet to improve his chances,” reads the mod description.

Now then, how does this mod impact you? Well you can actually steal the amulet from under Farengar while he sleeps, as shown in the images of the mod description. The only downside is that all the modded amulet does is increase your speech by 35 points. So, while the amulet does help out your stats, it’s not actually directly tied to getting laid. You’ll probably need some more risqué mods for that.

The amulet is worth a staggering 4,747 gold though, meaning it’s worth taking for the resale value alone.

If you really want to take your in-game game to a whole new level, you can find the Amulet of Mass Sex Appeal mod on Nexus Mods. Jarvis also has plenty of other mods for Skyrim too, like a new Khajiit follower called 9 Lives or an entire mushroom village.

There have been plenty of excellent mods for Skyrim recently, including fan-made Khajiit-themed armour, and another that makes spells X-rated. We also have a list of the best Skyrim mods, to help you figure out the best way to overhaul the decade-old game.