Samsung Jet75 cordless vacuum cleaner at a crazy price on MediaWorld! (-45%)

Samsung Jet75 cordless vacuum cleaner at a crazy price on MediaWorld! (-45%)

If you are thinking of replacing your old vacuum cleaner with a new top-of-the-range wireless model, we invite you to take a look at the Samsung Jet75 Premium available on Mediaworld for only € 384.45 instead of € 699.0o. The store has numerous active offers in the field of large and small appliances but we have decided to mention this product as it is a model capable of ensuring maximum efficiency, even discounted by 45%!

The electric broom Samsung Jet75 Premium wireless is powerful and light, with an excellent inverter motor and a convenient display to have any information always at hand. Since we are talking about such an interesting appliance and available at a very low price, we invite you to make your purchase as long as the offer is still available!

The Samsung Jet75 has been designed to effectively clean various types of floors thanks to the motor already mentioned in the introduction, capable of generating a suction power of up to 200 W. In this way, it can capture all types of dirt and dust in your home, optimizing the air flow and trapping even the finest particles. In addition, you can monitor the suction mode used, the brush you are using and even receive error alerts to quickly solve small problems, such as blocking the air flow, through the convenient display it is equipped with!

Do not underestimate all the accessories at your disposal, present in the package. You can then perfect the cleaning according to the reference surface, using: the rigid connection tube, the double-function brush (Soft Action Brush), the brush for sofas, the brush for wet floors, the mini motorized brush, the flexible joint and combination tool for curtains and furniture. In addition, you will have the possibility to position it comfortably on the special wall bracket, occupying as little space as possible.

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