PSVR 2, Sony and backwards compatibility don't get along

PSVR 2, Sony and backwards compatibility don't get along


With the arrival of PSVR2 ever closer, many players are wondering whether or not they will be able to take advantage of the titles developed on the first Sony headset in this new version as well. Hideaki Nishino, manager of the Japanese company, has recently confirmed that unfortunately, the new VR will not have backwards compatibility. The announcement came during an interview with PlayStation Podcast.

The latter, in fact, was developed according to some criteria that favored the price for the public but compromised its performance compared to its competitors. In fact, the first PSVR uses systems such as points of light taken from PlayStation Camera and PlayStation Move controllers. These have been available since the days of the PS3 and evidently are not up to competing with direct competitors such as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. As a result, Nishino says that PSVR2 is predominantly focused on rendering a truly next-generation experience that will lead PSVR2 to compete with Meta Quest 2 and other VR releases over the next few months.

Sony dashes fans hopes and confirms PSVR 2 won't be backwards compatible


  • SVP of Platform Experience, Hideaki Nishino, appeared on the latest episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast.
  • Nishino stated during the podcast that the PlayStation VR 2 is not compatible with the PSVR.
  • Nishino stated the reason why is because the PSVR 2, “is designed to deliver a truly next-generation VR experience.”
  • Although the PSVR didn’t have a huge library of games compared to PC VR, it did have a number of great experiences that many people were hoping would be backwards compatible with the PSVR 2 to bolster the launch lineup. It appears that won’t be the case, unfortunately, according to Senior Vice President of Platform Experiences, Hideaki Nishino.

    About halfway into the latest episode of the Official PlayStation Podcast, host Sid Shuman interviewed Nishino about the PSVR 2. During the interview, Nishino discussed various matters related to the PSVR 2, but most notably, he revealed that the PSVR 2 won’t be backwards compatible with PSVR games.

    When Shuman asked about compatibility, Nishino explained that the new headset would not be compatible with PSVR games because it’s, “designed to deliver a truly next-generation VR experience.”

    Nishino went on to say:

    PSVR 2 has much more advanced features like all new controllers with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, as I said, and inside-out tracking, eye tracking in the headset, 3D audio all coming together, 4K HDR of course. So this means developing games for PSVR 2 requires a whole different approach than the original PSVR.

    Although it’s not a big shock that the PSVR 2 won’t be compatible with PSVR games, it’s still unfortunate to hear. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the developers can’t port their games over to the PSVR 2. In fact, the recently released Moss 2 was originally created for PSVR 2 and it was eventually ported over to the Meta Quest 2. But the question is, will any of those developers be willing to spend the time and effort to make their old games playable on the PSVR 2?