Nvidia's RTX 4000s will do double the RTX 30s in games

Nvidia's RTX 4000s will do double the RTX 30s in games

A new rumor returns to talk about the performance increase of Nvidia's RTX 4000, the next generation of GPUs that will be presented on September 20 and will hit the market in the following weeks, compared to the current RTX 3000 range. The performance data was shared by the QbitLeaks insider and shows the difference in some games and applications regarding an unspecified model of RTX 40.

I cannot specify which SKU, but it is internal RTX40 graphs. pic.twitter.com/kx1uaBprtm

- FCL (@QbitLeaks) September 7, 2022

Although the RTX 4000 in question is unknown, based on the increases shown in the graph it is therefore possible to assume that it is an RTX 4080, an image of which was also published after the graph by the insider himself. As you can see, according to the graph, the performance is doubled compared to that of the RTX 3000; the games examined were obviously carefully chosen by Nvidia, while the tests were performed at 4K resolution with active Ray Tracing; the chart lists 6 titles, some of them triple A such as Metro Exodus, Control, Dying Light 2 and Cyberpunk 2077, as well as 3 productivity apps which include Autodesk Arnold, Blender and Chaos.

Photo Credit: Elysian Realm (@KittyYYuko) The numbers specifically show up to 2x greater performance gains in almost all games, surpassing this in titles like Quake II RTX, Cyberpunk 2077 and Blender. This is undoubtedly a truly remarkable increase, which also reassures some concerns about the performance resulting from the recent interventions by Nvidia to revise the power values ​​of the cards downwards, in order to reduce consumption. Recall that the RTX 4080 is based on the AD103 graphics processor with 9728 CUDA core. According to recent rumors, the card may be available with 12GB and 192-bit bus or 16GB and 256-bit bus, whose GDDR6X VRAM modules will be manufactured by Micron, as well as a 340W TBP.