Medtech at the Cantiere Futuro center on 28 September in Milan

Medtech at the Cantiere Futuro center on 28 September in Milan

Back on Wednesday 28 September, at 6.30 pm, Cantiere Futuro, the event organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza, Brianza and Lodi in partnership with For the third appointment of the review, again at Palazzo Giureconsulti, a stone's throw from the Milan cathedral, the focus will be on International Medtech. On stage, industry leaders such as Pierluigi Paracchi, co-founder of Genenta Science, Elena Beltrami, Biotech Venture Advisor, Matteo Crescini, CEO of WsN4Life, and Paola Ochetta, CEO and co-founder of BiomimX.

L 'union between medicine and technology has opened the doors to a new era of science, also focused on data analysis, predictive diagnostics and gene therapy. Thanks to scientific research and technology transfer, innovative solutions for the treatment of diseases now considered invincible and new therapies to accelerate traditional treatment processes are studied with the ideas brought from the laboratory to the market. A frontier crossed every day thanks to the work of researchers.

How much is Medtech worth in the world

The anti-Covid mRNA vaccines, created thanks to years of research by two elderly biotech startups, such as Moderna and Biontech, have demonstrated the full power of technology applied in the medical field. But they are by no means the only stars in the industry. A Mediobanca research has lined up numbers to understand the economic power of Medtech: in 2021 the sector had a worldwide turnover of 535.6 billion euros and forecasts for 2024 are of 632.6 billion in revenues. Medtech is already worth 5.5% of world health spending and develops investments in research for 33 billion euros.

In Europe, Medtech boasts a turnover of 155 billion euros and according to Mediobanca estimates 12% moves to Italy: "In 2020 the aggregate turnover of the 227 main Italian Medtech companies was equal to 18.6 billion euros, of which 8.9 billion from production companies and 9.7 billion from commercial ones ”, reads the analysis by Piazzetta Cuccia. "In the two-year period 2018-2020 the Italian Medtech achieved an average annual growth of 7%, with the foreign turnover (+ 9%) that ran more than the national one (+ 5.7%)", with the prospects also for 2022 underway which are "very positive".

Who are the protagonists of Cantiere Futuro

Cantiere Futuro on Medtech will open with an interview with the director of, Federico Ferrazza, to Piergluigi Paracchi who founded Genenta Science with Luigi Naldini, bringing the idea from the San Raffaele laboratories in Milan to the listing in the United States of America (the first Italian company ever on the Nasdaq). Then space for Elena Beltrami who, after a PhD in Pharmacological Sciences, worked for almost a decade at the Telethon Foundation to devote herself to tech transfer before becoming Biotech Venture Advisor. Beltrami will discuss the future prospects of the sector with Paola Ochetta, CEO of the startup of precision medicine BiomimX, and with Matteo Crescini, CEO of WsN4Life, a clinical engineering company in Monza that produces medical devices for patients with chronic diseases.