iPhone 14 is in stores: here's where you can buy it online

iPhone 14 is in stores: here's where you can buy it online

iPhone 14 is in stores

As usual, the presentation of the new iPhone 14 has left technology enthusiasts waiting to get their hands on the new smartphones unveiled by Apple, and like every year it was enough to wait a few days to have them available. Starting today, Friday 16 September, the entire range of the new iPhone 14 - from the basic iPhone 14 to the super-equipped iPhone 14 Pro Max, passing through the iPhone 14 Plus and iPhone 14 Pro - is on sale online and offline.

iPhone 14, the offer is not lacking

Fortunately, the days of endless queues outside physical stores to grab one of the devices before all the others are over. In fact, for years Apple has been managing the arrival of new gadgets in a more rational way and reserves several of them for online sales on its site; third-party resellers are also better supplied than in the past, and telephone operators are also offering the new models as an incentive to take out new subscriptions. However, the devices are not always ready for delivery today: here is where to point the browser to buy one of the most talked about smartphones of the coming months, and what are the expected delivery times.

iPhone 14 on Amazon

One of the most direct destinations to grab one of the latest iPhones is definitely Amazon. After an initial shortage in the days of reservations, the group's stocks are back in abundance, with the result that all models are available for purchase in each memory size, even if they are not immediately ready for shipment. The home page of the store reserved for Apple offers all the models in an exhaustive way.

How to order on the Apple site

The site of the Cupertino house is perhaps the most obvious destination to receive your device soon, but even in this case, some models may experience delays: this is the case of the Pro variants, for which a wait of about a month before arrival is expected. In return, the gadget customization process offers the possibility to purchase additional services such as Apple Care insurance and the exchange of the old iPhone in exchange for a discount on the new one.

The electronics chains

Even the large electronics stores have a stock of iPhone 14 available, even if in these cases the correspondences between model, memory cuts and colors in this phase become a matter of luck. The sites on which it is worth checking are the most popular ones: from Mediaworld to Unieuro, passing through Euronics. As in the previous cases, it is worth checking the waiting times for the devices, which for the Pro models could be a few weeks.

iPhone 14 with operators

For those with already decided to take advantage of the offers of a telephone operator to get your hands on the new smartphone, there is no shortage of alternatives.

Tim offers it in 30 installments starting at 34 euros per month and up, depending on the model. Vodafone's offer will be online shortly and provides monthly installments of € 34.99 per month and up. WindTre changes the amount of its 30 installments depending on the telephone offer combined with the purchase. Iliad has the clearest information mirror of all, and bases its offer on 30 monthly installments of € 27 upwards.

For those who want to wait

Buying a smartphone that has just been released can be a gamble, even if with Apple products it has essentially never happened to run into a sensational flop. In any case, the reasons for not embarking on a hasty expense are always valid: here are all the useful resources for those who want to take some time for evaluations on the new gadget - from the review of the Pro model to the comparison of all the products. of this year's line, passing through the comparison between the two most recent generations and the one between the iPhone 14 and some of the best Android alternatives out there.

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