iPhone 14 and more: what Apple will present on 7 September

iPhone 14 and more: what Apple will present on 7 September

iPhone 14 and more

There are just over two days left before the expected Apple event on September 7, which will remove the veils from the already almost completely known iPhone 14 family together with the two new Apple Watch 8 (and Pro version) and Se 2022 watches, but just in extremis they could the AirPods Pro 2 headphones were also added to the keynote, which seemed destined for the next presentation in October. At 19 Italian on Wednesday, live from the Steve Jobs Theater of the Apple Park Campus in Cupertino, everything will become official: sportsgaming.win Italia will be present with one of its correspondents, but let's make a final summary on what to expect and on the last minute previews that occurred in the last hours.

iPhone 14 Plus and not Max, note differences with the Pro We know that there will be four models or iPhone 14 with its most abundant version which could however be called iPhone 14 Plus and not 14 Max and the two models Pro and Pro Max, with 6.1 and 6.7 inch diagonals. Among the most evident innovations there will be the elimination of the notch from the Pro models in favor of a "pill" hole (which will be double and equipped with notification LEDs) which will also allow better exploitation of the upper area of ​​the screen at the level of controls. and interface. The two most advanced iPhone phones will also have the new Apple A16 processor and will enjoy substantial improvements in terms of photography, display (120Hz ProMotion) and battery life, which can be recharged at 35 watts. In short, never as this year the difference between the standard iPhones and the Pro ones will be noted, even if they all share the same 6GB ram and the ability to support the always on display for notifications and status information even when the screen is off.

Apple Watch 8 with Se 2022 and space for the AirPods Pro 2 The smartwatches Apple Watch 8 and Watch Se can also be taken for certain at the Apple event, with the first that will be able to put on the plate news such as the level of monitoring of female health parameters and measurement of body temperature, while the latter will enjoy upgrades in terms of design and performance compared to the previous generation. There are many expectations on the Pro variant of Watch 8, which will have a larger display and a more resistant body. Finally, unlike what has been stated so far, the long-awaited second generation AirPods Pro headphones could also take the stage, which will improve one of the best-selling and long-running devices (they were released in 2019) in the Apple catalog. On board they will have a new dedicated H1 chip, longer battery life, support for audio transmission without loss of quality, an easier case to find with Dov'è and a more compact design.

New Apple Exclusive Reveals Cheaper iPhone 14 Prices

09/05 Update below. This post was originally published on September 3

The iPhone 14 range is getting more expensive. This was the narrative for months until a little-known leaker flipped Apple’s pricing on its head earlier this week. And now the picture looks even better.

A new report from influential market analyst TrendForce reveals that iPhone 14 buyers might not only pay less than they expected, but also get a lot more storage for their money.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max concept showing the long-predicted $1199 price

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Looking at prices, TrendForce has dropped its pricing margins for all iPhone 14 models by $50. For iPhone 14 Pro models, this means a potentially smaller $50 price increase compared to previous analyst projections. But the big news is how this impacts standard models.

The iPhone 14 is now tipped to start from $749, which is $50 less than the iPhone 13 ($799), with the iPhone 14 Plus priced from $849. This is a dramatic shift from earlier reports where every iPhone 14 model was tipped to go up in price by $100.

And it gets better. In addition to these lower prices, TrendForce expects entry-level storage for iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models to double to 256GB. This combination of lower-than-expected pricing and higher-than-expected storage is a calculated gamble, according to the analyst.

09/05 Update: Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has leaked additional iPhone 14 details in his latest Always On newsletter. While confirming familiar design and camera leaks, Gurman states that Apple may remove the physical SIM card slot from iPhones altogether, “beginning either this year or next for some models.”

Leaks as far back as December claimed Apple was toying with the idea of an eSIM-only iPhone 14, but this rumor subsequently went quiet until Gurman’s newsletter. The ‘some models” part is new, though, and makes sense because it would allow Apple to test the change on a smaller scale. Whether that is for Pro or non-Pro models remains to be seen.

Interestingly, Gurman also claims that iPhone 14 Pro models will have “bigger batteries” — though he doesn’t expand on this. That contradicts earlier battery capacity leaks, which said battery capacities would decrease slightly on all models other than the iPhone 14 Pro Max. iPhone fans will be praying Gurman’s source comes out on top.

Apple iPhone 14 range renders based on multiple leaks


“Under pressure from rising global inflation and foreign exchange rates, Apple is expected to adopt a more cautious pricing strategy so as not to affect its sales performance,” the report explains.

Now here’s the clever bit. For months, leaks have claimed Apple will widen the price, design and feature gaps between its iPhone 14 Pro and non-Pro models. The reaction to this has been largely negative and seen as a blunt attempt to upsell customers at a time of increasing economic hardship.

But based on the latest pricing leaks, it’s very smart. Aggressively pricing standard iPhone 14 models will open the door for fans who may have struggled to upgrade this year. At the same time, innovation is not held back on iPhone 14 Pro models for those who can afford to pay the higher prices. As a result, Apple can market value and innovation in a single range.

Well played, Apple. Well played.


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