How the teacher's charter works

How the teacher's charter works

The teacher's charter will remain in force for the school year 2022-23 and probably also for 2023-24. For some time now there has been talk of a cut in the bonus that could start in the school year 2024-25. A decree law was presented in May with an allocation of 50 million, about a quarter less than the funds currently available. While waiting to receive updates to this effect, here's how the teacher's card works and how it could change in the future.

How much is it worth? Who has access? What can you buy there? How does it work? How long does it last? How much is it worth? Today the support is worth 500 euros every school year. So, if it were cut by a quarter, it would be worth around € 374.

Who has access? Full-time and part-time permanent teachers of state educational institutions have access to the teacher's charter. This includes teachers in training and trial periods, teachers declared unsuitable for health reasons, teachers in positions of command, secondment, out of office or otherwise used, teachers in schools abroad and military schools. To date, precarious workers are excluded, although it seems that steps are being taken to guarantee compensation for them too, after the Council of State has just sanctioned the right to obtain the annual bonus of 500 euros also in favor of Catholic religion teachers in charge of the year. For the moment, however, alternates are excluded.

What can you buy? The teacher's card allows the purchase of books, magazines, museum entrances, tickets for cultural events, theater and cinema and enrollment in university degree and master's courses, in courses for refresher activities, carried out by qualified or accredited bodies at the Ministry of Education. It works for both online purchases and physical stores.

How does it work? You must access the ad hoc portal of the Ministry of Education, at this link, through your digital identity (Spid). There, a bit like the 500 euro bonus given to 18-year-olds, it is possible to create coupons, both for purchases in physical stores and online stores. In the first case, a QR code is created with the voucher to be scanned by the seller at the time of payment. In the second case, the voucher is associated with an alphanumeric code which, when digitally paying for a product or service eligible for the teacher's card, can be converted at the time of payment.

How long does it last? Funds from the Teacher's Charter can be kept for two years, after which they become unusable.