Halo Infinite: Certain Affinity's multiplayer mode will be big and innovative

Halo Infinite: Certain Affinity's multiplayer mode will be big and innovative

Halo Infinite

Interviewed by GamesBeat, some members of the Certain Affinity team have reported something about the new project they are carrying out for 343 Industries, which will be a new multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite expected to be very large and innovative, compared to what we have seen so far in the series.

It is, moreover, the largest project that the team has carried out in the last period, and there is talk of a studio that has also supported the development of elements for Call of Duty, Halo, World of Tanks, Hogwarts Legacy, Left 4 Dead and Doom, so they have a lot of experience also with regard to the major productions.

"The biggest thing we are doing at the moment and which is known to the public, for more than two years now, it is the project for Halo Infinite ", CEO Max Hoberman reported in the interview, also revealing that the works have been going on for over two years, therefore a considerable time if you think that it concerns only a part of the game.

"It's something big and new for the franchise, but I can't say more at the moment.

This is our largest single project among the three works we are carrying out at the moment, we have almost 100 developers dedicated to just that, "Hoberman said. We therefore wait to understand what it is: the component multiplayer developed by Certain Affinity has not yet been officially presented and does not have an official release date.

In the meantime, we are awaiting the arrival of the Forge, with 343 Industries having begun to present it with a series of videos of which we saw the latest, on scripting tools and bots, just this week. In the past few days, we learned that Bonnie Ross has left the helm of 343 Industries, leading to a general reorganization of the team.

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Halo Infinite’s rumoured new multiplayer mode is “something big”

It’s no secret that Halo Infinite support studio Certain Affinity is working on something for the multiplayer game, alongside the continued support from 343 Industries. But now one of the studio’s developers has talked about the project, even if they have to remain incredibly tight-lipped about it.

A few Certain Affinity staff talked in a recent interview about what the studio is up to, as it’s known to support the development of games and series like Call of Duty, Halo, World of Tanks, Hogwarts Legacy, Left 4 Dead, and Doom.

So, while no major reveals for Certain Affinity’s Halo Infinite content have been revealed, founder and CEO Max Hoberman talked a little about what we can expect, and how much the studio is putting into the project.

“The biggest thing we’re doing that’s public right now, for more than two years now we’ve been working on Halo Infinite doing something that–they’re very prescriptive about what we can say. But we’re doing something unannounced, and we’re doing lead development on that unannounced thing, from conception and design,” says Hoberman in an interview with GamesBeat.

Halo Infinite’s rumoured new multiplayer mode is "something big": Spartan in the customisation screen

“It’s something big and new for the franchise. But I can’t say any more about it. That’s our single largest project of our three projects currently. We have close to 100 developers working on that.”

Alongside the release of Forge later this year, this new content from Certain Affinity (which rumours could be a sort of battle royale-style mode) might be just what Halo Infinite needs to give new life to the FPS game.

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