Google Pixel 6 costs less than Pixel 6a on Mediaworld!

Google Pixel 6 costs less than Pixel 6a on Mediaworld!

15:00 update: stocks have run out but there may be a new restock, so keep an eye on the product page.

If you are attracted to smartphones produced by Google and their guaranteed artificial intelligence from the proprietary chip, then you can't miss the offer just released by Mediaworld, which sees the excellent Pixel 6 being offered for only € 434, practically the same price as its younger brother if you consider the current prices and offers of the well-known portal. br>
We do not know if it is a price error or a deliberate offer, but what matters is that at present you can buy this splendid and powerful smartphone at an unmissable price. We are sure that stocks, no matter how many they are, will run out quickly, so don't delay and try to complete your purchase quickly.

A bargain without a shadow of a doubt, also because, as mentioned, it is a smartphone of a certain level, powered by the Google Tensor processor which, in addition to guaranteeing impressive computing power and speed for a mobile device, also allows you to perform a series of almost unique operations. The best known is that relating to transcribing your dictations in real time, through the voice recorder, even including punctuation. How not to mention the splendid Magic Eraser technology, which will be able to erase the objects you don't want to be inside the photo through simple gestures.

Read also: Smartphone | The best of 2022 That said, we just have to refer you directly to the Mediaworld page dedicated to the offer, with an invitation to make your purchase as soon as possible, so that you can grab this exceptional smartphone before its price returns to its origins or, worse, go out of stock!

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