God of War Ragnarok: Rick & Morty protagonists in the new movie

God of War Ragnarok: Rick & Morty protagonists in the new movie

God of War Ragnarok

The summer holidays have now come to an end and with the arrival of September the mindset of gamers begins to settle on the next big releases. It is not even necessary to emphasize it with extreme vehemence, but among the most anticipated titles of the new season is God of War Ragnarok. The title of Santa Monica Studio will mark the return of Kratos and Atreus to Norse land to end their journey, and to advertise this new epic PlayStation and Adult Swim have entered into a fantastic collaboration.

This new commercial has a double purpose, given that God of War Ragnarok isn't the only major entertainment product coming in the coming months. Let's not forget that there is also the new season of Rick & Morty, the sixth, which is now imminent, although for the moment we will have to wait a little longer before seeing the new season of the animated series also in Italy.| ); } If you are a lover of the two franchises, this short advertising film will make you very happy and will certainly increase the expectation of the two upcoming products. In this regard, we remind you that the new God of War Ragnarok will not be released before November 9, 2022, with the title developed by Santa Monica Studio that will arrive exclusively on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 consoles. At the moment we do not know if the title will arrive. also on PC, but the release of the first God of War in Norse sauce could bode well.

Prepare to be unhyped by God of War Ragnarok’s new Rick and Morty ad

God of War Ragnarok's advertising push is now in full swing ahead of its November 9th, 2022 release date, going well beyond sand sculptures and art books to full-on weapon signature moves reveals and, now, crossover TV spot advertisements with seemingly unrelated characters from other pop media. That marketing push is why God of War Ragnarok has a new crossover ad with Rick and Morty, the popular Adult Swim cartoon.God of War Ragnarok x Rick and Morty ad drains us of hypeIn absolute fairness, the concept for this God of War Ragnarok ad is not inherently a terrible one — though its case certainly not helped by having Rick explain the concept in the ad itself. Comparing the relationship of Rick and Morty to Kratos and Atreus could be funny — instead, this strange trip has dealt this TT writer unnecessary psychic damage on a Monday morning.

Instead, what we've got is this clip that, at its absolute best, is charming for how much it reminds older viewers of the kind of bad game advertisements we used to see on TV. In these, we would have wacky weirdos sit us down and explain to us why Sonic the Hedgehog looked fun. At worst, it absolutely makes a case for its supposed target audience — the somewhat self-aware young adults that watch Adult Swim — to make a predictable self-indulgent dismissal thanks to Rick's lecture about the 'cringe' of the game. Thanks, Rick — maybe next time, Sony, just show them some God of War Ragnarok gameplay, instead.

Despite reporting on the ad, we do recommend saving yourself the pain and just not watching it — though, I'd be surprised if this is the only Rick and Morty crossover that crops up. Perhaps just keep your heads down in general, you'll avoid all those impending God of War Ragnarok spoilers that way. Let us know if we're being a little overly harsh here for a sub-50-second clip in the comments below.