Eni also suffered a cyber attack

Eni also suffered a cyber attack

Two days after the cyber attack against the Energy Services Manager (GSE), the Italian company controlled by the Ministry of Finance that deals with the development of renewable energy and services to the sector, Eni was also hit by a cyber attack. Unlike what happened to the GSE, whose site is still unreachable, the damage appears to be minor.

On Wednesday, August 31, Eni confirmed to Bloomberg that its networks have been violated. "In recent days, internal protection systems have identified unauthorized access to the corporate network," said a representative of the main Italian energy company.

Also according to what Bloomberg reported, it seems that the attack is of such as ransomware, a cyber breach that blocks access to a company's systems to make them available again upon payment of a ransom. At the moment there is no certainty about the responsibility for the attacks that hit the Italian energy companies, nor is it possible to say with certainty whether the two operations are connected.

“The information available at the moment suggests a ransomware attack - comments to sportsgaming.win Pierluigi Paganini, intelligence and cybersecurity expert -. The temporal proximity of the two attacks is however worrying, especially at a time when the energy sector is in such a critical position in the European economic context ”.

Cyber ​​attacks on energy infrastructures can have serious consequences. In May 2021, Colonial Pipeline Co, which is based in Alpharetta, in the US state of Georgia, closed the largest oil pipeline in the United States following a ransomware attack. Last February, however, the German oil company Mabanaft declared that it was the victim of a cyberattack that caused an interruption in the distribution of fuel throughout the country.

“There is still no certain information and it is It is premature to attribute the two attacks to a specific actor - concludes Paganini -. The company name has not yet appeared on any leaksite, the site where ransomware gangs publish stolen data. There has been no claim yet. "