Elden Ring: The Board Game, announced the board game of Steamforged Games

Elden Ring: The Board Game, announced the board game of Steamforged Games

Elden Ring

Steamforged Games has announced Elden Ring: The Board Game, or the official board game based on the latest effort by FromSoftware and made in partnership with Bandai Namco. The Kickstarter campaign will begin in the next few days.

Steamforged Games is a board game company that has previously created officially licensed adaptations of Dark Souls, Monster Hunter World, Horizon Zero Dawn and Resident Evil, just to name a few.

According to the official press release, like the video game, Elden Ring: The Board Game will also catapult players into the Interregnum. 1 to 4 Lightless will embark on a long adventure, visit iconic locations and meet characters well known to those who have played Elden Ring.

Obviously there will be a large number of enemies, which players will face with "a intelligent dice-less combat system, which will require you to strategize and adapt your plans during each encounter, whether it's a simple soldier from Godrick or the Grafted King himself. "

Elden RIng: The Board Game For the moment this is what we know about Elden Ring: The Board Game, with more details that will be revealed by Steamforged Games as soon as the Kickstarter campaign starts, which can be reached at this address.

In recent days we have seen another very interesting project linked to the latest effort by FromSoftware, or Elden Ring: The Way to the Mother Tree, the official manga with comic tones and published for free in Italy by Panini Comics.

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How Long Does It Take To Beat Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is, put simply, the most titanic iteration of FromSoftware's patented Souls formula to date. Hundreds of boss fights and dozens upon dozens of dreary dungeons populate its continent-spanning open world — plunging into it intent on seeing all it has to offer is an ambitious undertaking, and that’s putting it mildly.

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Assuming you’ve been emboldened by the flame of said ambition, you might be wondering just how much of a time-sink you’re gearing up for. Well, worry not, lowly Tarnished, because we’re here to break it down for you, thanks in no small part to the smartly-compiled metrics at HowLongToBeat.

DUALSHOCKERS VIDEO OF THE DAYHow Long Is Elden Ring’s Main Story?

Despite some degree of controversy over initial reports, Elden Ring’s main quest takes an average of roughly 52½ hours to complete. However, keep in mind that your mileage is going to vary depending on which of the six endings you’re going to pursue. Each one has different conditions or prerequisite questlines that will impact your playtime.

But what if you’re operating at a more leisurely pace? For those taking in a few sights, crossing off side quests, or engaging in some PvP-and-chill downtime — and let’s face it, most of us do — you can ballpark somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 hours to beat the game.

How Long Does It Take To 100% Elden Ring?

Between those polled at HowLongToBeat, the average time for a completionist run of Elden Ring currently sits at approximately 135½ hours. Bear in mind that this includes unlocking the achievements for three different endings, necessitating multiple playthroughs or NG+ progression. There are 42 achievements/trophies in all (some of which are missable), adding up to 1,000 Gamerscore on Xbox.

How Long Does It Take To Speedrun Elden Ring?

This gets complex, as there are several different categories of speedrun to consider. Each category has different stipulations, rules, and goals — the record for an unrestricted Any% run currently stands at a completely absurd 3m 56s, held by HYP3RSOMNIAC, for instance. The table below indicates the record for each category according to speedrun.com at the time of this writing — do make sure to follow the link for more information concerning the rules for each category.

CategoryTimeRunnerPlatformAny%20m 13sMuftaayPCAny% Unrestricted3m 56sHYP3RSOMNIACPCAny% No Wrong Warp44m 06sPiedlingerPCAny% Glitchless59m 26sForsaPCAll Remembrances1hr 02m 02scatalystzPCAll Achievements2hr 58m 32sPiedlingerPC

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