Deathloop officially arrives on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, the launch is imminent!

Deathloop officially arrives on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass, the launch is imminent!

Deathloop officially arrives on Xbox and Xbox Game Pass

The launch of PlayStation-exclusive Deathloop had caused quite a stir. Not so much because of the move itself by Sony, but because it all coincided with the announcement of the acquisition of Bethesda and all of its internal studios by Microsoft. But now, after about a year from the original launch of the Arkane title, we can finally know what the fate of the particular FPS with loops will be also on the Xbox platforms and services.

Deathloop will be released on Xbox Series X | S on September 20, and as already anticipated, it will also be available from day one within the Xbox Game Pass catalog both on consoles and on PC and in the cloud. The game arrives on Xbox platforms along with all the best ones already made in the original post-launch period, such as a series of settings for accessibility and photo mode. In addition to this, the free Golden Loop update will also be released which will include a new weapon, new enemy types, a new extended ending and much more.

Deathloop Arrives on Xbox & Game Pass Next Week


Deathloop is finally coming to Xbox next week.

Published on September 15, 2022 Zhiqing Wan

Deathloop was a PS5 console exclusive when it first launched last year, but it looks like the unique game from Arkane and Bethesda will finally be coming to Xbox next week. Announced during the Xbox showcase at Tokyo Game Show today, Xbox players can look forward to Deathloop’s release on Sept. 20.

Even better, if you’re already a Game Pass subscriber, Deathloop will also be available on the service so you can download and play it at no additional charge. The game is already available for pre-loading, so players will be able to get the download started now and ready to go for the 20th.

In addition to that, the Xbox version of the game will also come with the Golden Loops update, which comes with new weapons and more exploration. There will also be cross-platform multiplayer and matchmaking, where Juliana players will be able to snipe and hunt down Colt players on other platforms.

Deathloop is now available on PS5 and PC, and will be coming to Xbox on Sept. 20.