Cyberpunk 2077: mod adds two Edgerunners weapons

Cyberpunk 2077: mod adds two Edgerunners weapons

Cyberpunk 2077

For a few days Cyberpunk 2077 has been experiencing a second youth thanks to the release of the Cyberpunk Edgerunnes anime on Netflix. The new production made by the well-known Studio Trigger is being appreciated by fans of the anime world, but not only, and this newfound attention to the franchise is also benefiting the unfortunate video game. Even the modder community has reactivated strongly towards the CD Projekt RED title, creating a series of new contents inspired by the beloved anime Edgerunners.

Lucy and Rebecca are two very featured characters in the new Cyberpunk animated series, and both weapons made in this mod are the as close as possible to the counterparts that can be seen in the animated series Netflix released a few days ago. The only thing that is not possible thanks to these mods concerns Rebecca's pair of guns, which in the game cannot yet be equipped as a pair on both hands.

Both mods can be found individually on their respective NexusMod pages, and as we can find out, the modder has created the two reproductions inspired by Edgerunners based on two pre-existing weapons within the game. If you are interested in discovering more details related to mods and installation methods, for Lucy's Unity 45 pistol you can click on this address, while for Rebecca's pair of Militech Omaha pistols you can find everything by clicking on this other address. >

What’s Changed In ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Since Launch? A Comprehensive List

Cyberpunk 2077


Cyberpunk 2077 is experiencing something of a renaissance on the back of the release of Cyberpunk Edgerunners on Netflix, along with an accompanying patch and sale. Many people are getting back into the game, or trying it for the very first time since launch. And they all may have a common question.

What exactly has been changed in Cyberpunk 2077 since release?

We just hit patch 1.6 with the release of the Edgerunners update, but there have been many, many updates before that. I thought it would be wise to go through what’s changed over the last almost two years now, though I am not digging into every bug and performance fix. Suffice to say, there have been thousands upon thousands of bugs that have been squashed, and the game performs better on all platforms than it used to. The game also now has dedicated current-gen console versions, which it did not have when it was released.

So, what’s changed? Let’s go through the patches:

Cyberpunk 2077


Patch 1.1

This patch was almost entirely emergency “put the fires out” fixes for quest progression bugs and performance issues. This also fixed an issue with save files that were becoming too large and eventually corrupted. It also introduced an infamous new bug where you’d get stuck on a Takamura quest, which was eventually fixed.

Patch 1.2

This was a massive patch, 8,000 words of patch notes, which again, was 99% fixes, and the word “fix” appeared 274 times in the patch notes. But there were some in-game changes.

  • Police would now spawn further away when summoned rather than directly on top of you.
  • Gorilla Arms damage was buffed 20%
  • The item to reset perk points had its cost reduced.
  • You could now craft multiple items at once, and some costs were reduced.
  • NPC would no longer stay as frozen when afraid in the midst of combat.
  • Delmain will now no longer constantly call you if you’re in the region where one of his quests take place.
  • Car controls were improved and you can now unstick your car with a control option.
  • Cyberpunk 2077


    Patch 1.3

    This arrived in August of 2021, and started to add more fan-requested changes to the game.

  • GPS was now more zoomed out so you would not miss turns as often and could better see where you’re going.
  • You can now more easily redistribute your Perk points and for less money.
  • Higher difficulty levels buffed enemy detection of players, searching for them more aggressively.
  • A new Optical Camo mod was added that allowed you to become invisible.
  • Adam Smasher drops actual loot when killed.
  • NPCs no longer stay hiding in cover when you flank them.
  • Vehicles will honk and drive around V instead of just hitting you.
  • NPCs now have a dying animation attached to the Short Circuit quickhack.
  • NPCs will not react by crouching to every gunshot.
  • NPCs will no longer randomize appearance when you look away from them and back.
  • Legendary clothing schematics are now permanently available in shops.
  • You can now double jump during phone calls.
  • You can now fast climb or slide down ladders.
  • Shards are now in correct categories.
  • Judy will now leave a gift in your apartment after she texts you post-romance side quest.
  • This patch also brought with it the game’s first “free DLCS”:

  • Two jackets from Vic you find in your stash.
  • The Quartz Bandit car from Rogue if you side with her during the Panam quest.
  • A different (worse) look for Johnny you can turn on or off in the starting menu.
  • Patch 1.31

    This was a relatively minor patch that brought with it a few fixes from the much larger 1.3, but this was the patch where I really started to notice a visual transformation in the game, as specific improvements were made to wet/reflective surfaces.

    Cyberpunk 2077


    Patch 1.5

    This was an absolutely massive patch in February 2022 for the launch of the game on next-gen consoles that was so big, they actually just skipped 1.4 entirely.

  • They completely reworked many aspects of the perk tree, removing pointless perks and buffing or changing others. They refunded everyone’s points so they could respec.
  • They significantly changed the entire concept of Throwing Knives, no longer making it so you had to literally go and pick up your knife again, but making the knife auto-return to your hand, with better knives returning more quickly.
  • They overhauled many aspects of combat AI to make enemies smarter in combat, taking cover more often.
  • Further driving improvements were made with better braking, handling, cornering and the ability to do burnouts.
  • Crowd AI was updated where pedestrians will now not all act the same way, some will flee, others will fight, some will panic and crash their cars into things.
  • Fixers now have a mission counter so you can tell when all their gigs are done. They each give you a special reward when you finish their mission chain, usually a weapon or car, which you can find at your home.
  • The entire economy was rebalanced giving out more cash rewards, and making cars and guns cheaper.
  • New weapons were added in this patch you could purchase or find in the wild.
  • You could change your appearance in the mirror for the first time since launch.
  • You can now buy various apartments throughout the city, four in total.
  • Love interests were more fully fleshed out with more text conversations and the ability to wake up next to them when sleeping at your place or their place.
  • Cyberpunk 2077


    Patch 1.6

    And this is it, the last patch that was launched just ahead of Edgerunners. This is also the last patch that will launch for last-gen consoles, as future ones will only be next-gen/PC.

  • A new quest tied to the show which ends with you receiving David’s jacket from the series.
  • New weapons hidden around the map from the show, and other weapons, both guns and melee, that are now available to find or buy in the game.
  • Three full new Gigs from different fixers in two regions of the map, the game’s first true new missions since release.
  • Full appearance customization available at last, allowing you to change almost everything about yourself at Ripperdocs.
  • Transmog, where you can wear your powerful items and reskin them with saved looks that you create out of your wardrobe in one of your apartments.
  • Cross-progression has been added through cloud saves between console and PC.
  • REDmod launched for help with installing and managing mods on PC.
  • I tried to be as comprehensive as I could here, though I know I missed some stuff. Again, this does not include the thousands of fixes and performance improvements that made up most of these patches, but rather the long list of additions and changes you’ll feel in the game. Or if it’s your first time, an indicator of what’s there that wasn’t before. Enjoy.

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