Core Keeper is a blockbuster, the crossover with Terraria arrives

Core Keeper is a blockbuster, the crossover with Terraria arrives

Core Keeper is a blockbuster

Given the great success achieved by Core Keeper, new and succulent events are expected to enhance its potential, in response to the love of the fans. From this September 26, in fact, fans of Core Keeper and Terraria will have a lot of material in common on which to build their respective experiences. All through an event in which both titles are at its center, developing its potential around the King Slime. This crossover event has been made official on the official Steam page of Core Keeper, highlighting that starting from the aforementioned date it will be possible to summon this boss in both circumstances.

The difficulty behind this new Core Keeper event challenge will be to defeat the King Slime of Terraria, and Fireshine Games has assured that it will be absolutely worth it, given the prize, one of a kind, obtainable. The importance of this event and its weight on the future of the title was also underlined by the developers of Core Keeper themselves: "We are pleased to announce that we are partnering with Re-Logic for some exciting crossover activities. Core Keeper and Terraria are both sandbox games focused on exploration and adventure, and we have been discussing with Re-Logic, for some time now, how we could come together to celebrate both games with our respective communities. "

In addition to this great battle, many other small activities and additional elements will also be available in the event, in a work that bases its full potential on the relationship and details in common both between the two aforementioned games and on their respective community. The success (which almost remembers what it was also with Minecraft) on both sides has certainly inspired all of this, also throwing a look to the future.

Core Keeper and Terraria are getting cross-over updates

Two rather great sandbox mining games are set for an official cross-over. Terraria and the new kid on the block Core Keeper will both be getting free updates for it.

Announced by the Core Keeper developer on Steam, their update will land on September 26th and will allow players to summon the King Slime from Terraria:

We can now reveal that, from the 26th of September, you’ll be able to summon a creature you’ll recognise as one of Terraria’s (pre-hardmode) heavy-damage dealers. That’s right, say hello to King Slime.

This giant, royal blob doesn’t just spawn randomly, however. In fact, he’s a little bit like Omoroth in that you’ll need to summon him forth when you want to battle. “How do we summon him?” you ask. Well, that’s for us to know, and you to find out!

Battling King Slime may be a challenge, but it could definitely be worth your while. Rumour has it that defeating King Slime will score you some pretty interesting loot that will make you the envy of your fellow explorers

Meanwhile, it seems like Terraria will be getting an update on September 28th (source) which sounds like another big one, and seems like the cross-over update will be bundled into it. For the Terraria side it will be this:

Cavelings are usually very hostile creatures, especially towards adventurers. That being said, there are one or two Cavelings that have proven friendly in the past (like the Caveling Merchants). It’s safe to say that Cavelings can be good company, in the right conditions, and it looks like you’re going to be able to make friends with one in Terraria.

Introducing the Caveling Pet, a friendly Caveling Farmer that’ll follow your character around looking cute and offering a little moral support wherever you go. You’ll be able to summon this uncharacteristically docile Caveling in Terraria using a special item that you’ll also recognise from Core Keeper. We think it’ll be more fun for you to figure this one out yourselves, so we’ll say no more on the matter!

This is not a timed-event either, with the cross-over update being permanent additions to both games.

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