Captain Tsubasa: An iconic battle recreated as figures

Captain Tsubasa: An iconic battle recreated as figures

Captain Tsubasa

Cartoon Kingdom Studio is pleased to present a truly impressive statue dedicated to the Captain Tsubasa series (in Italy known as Holly and Benji), starting from the protagonists / rivals of the story or Tsubasa Ozora (Oliver Hutton) against Hyuga Kojiro (Mark Landers).

The static proposed by the company sees the two eternal rivals kicking the ball in reverse at the same time, creating a powerful shock wave on the playing field. The statue is made of resin while the two scenic effects are made of translucent resin and equipped with LED lighting. The sculpture is made in 1/6 scale with an overall height of about 33 cm. Behind the two players there is a scenic effect with their animal symbol: Tsubasa with the eagle and Hyuga with the tiger.

Tsubasa Ozora (Oliver Hutton) is the son of a ship captain and a housewife, the family moves for the last year of elementary school to Shizuoka prefecture, where the little champion decides to enroll in public school of the city of Nankatsu participating with his team in the rookie national championship. The tournament goes live and during the elimination phase all the strongest teams in the whole country clash. Will Tsubasa and Genzo Wakabayashi (Benjamin Price) be able to defeat the fearsome Meiwa (Muppett) led by the fierce Kojiro Hyuga in the final and win the competition?

The statue of Tsubasa Ozora and Hyuga Kojiro taken from Captain Tsubasa (Holly and Benji) is already available for pre-order and you can officially book it at this address at the price of 899.00 Euro, with an ultra-limited edition of just 300 copies worldwide. While waiting to discover many new proposals from the world of collecting, stay tuned to the CulturaPop pages for many other news and insights.

If you are a fan of Captain Tsubasa at this address you will find many products that could be right for you. your. The historical series of Holly and Benji, however, is available at this link.

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions - DLC Episode: Rising Stars! Trailer

Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions' DLC Episode: Rising Stars is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch, and coming to PlayStation 4 on August 31, 2022. The Rising Star DLC brings Tsubasa Ozora, Tachibana Bros., and Juan Diaz. Check out the trailer to see what to expect with this latest DLC episode.

The DLC Episode: Rising Stars is part of the Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions Character Mission Pass, containing 9 total new playable characters.