Apollo Project Evo, the craziest supercar in the world

Apollo Project Evo, the craziest supercar in the world

Apollo Project Evo

Just take a quick look at the Project Evo of Apollo Automobil, a German company founded in 2004 by Roland Gumpert, to understand that it is one of the craziest road cars ever, at least from an aesthetic point of view.

Apollo arrived on the market only a few years ago, launching its first model called 'Intensa Emozione', a car capable of capturing everyone's attention thanks to its absolutely unique design and also thanks to its mighty engine, a naturally aspirated V12 derived from Ferrari with a displacement of 6.3 liters. A few months after the presentation of Project Evo, a first model appeared in Croatia, during an event dedicated to supercars.

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The story does not change on the nose of the car, here too we find bold lines, LEDs forming the front lights, a splitter and many, many aerodynamic elements. The look is completed by the glass dome which, together with the windscreen, forms the passenger compartment, as well as the rear wing equipped with a hydraulic control system.

Apollo Project Evo Is One Of The Craziest Road Cars Ever Conceived

Apollo Automobili’s Project Evo recently made a rare appearance during a supercar event in Croatia and as far as extreme street cars go, we think it is hard to beat.

The small car manufacturer first burst onto the scene a few years ago with the launch of the Intensa Emozione, also known as the IE. That car got the supercar and hypercar industry buzzing thanks to its over-the-top design and screaming, Ferrari-derived 6.3-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine. In November last year, Apollo unveiled the Project Evo, its latest limited-run supercar and this is our first time seeing it in the flesh.

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Apollo’s creations are always bold and it’s no different with Project Evo. Its exterior design is so dramatic that it is hard to know where to look but if you’re like us, your eyes may be immediately drawn to the rear end where huge fins stretch up from the engine cover and down from the rear diffuser. Additional fins are found in the center of the rear bumper and all six of them feature bright LEDs, meaning the Evo really does look like a spaceship from the rear.

The front of the car is also something to behold thanks to the LED headlights, the dramatic front splitter, and the plethora of exposed aerodynamic elements. We’re also particularly fond of the curvaceous shape of the glass house, the hydraulically-operated rear wing, and the prominent roof scoop.

Curiously, Apollo has never actually stated what engine is found beneath the skin of the Project Evo, nor how many examples it intends to produce. Based on the sound alone, we suspect it has the same modified V12 as the Apollo Intensa Emozione, likely also pumping out 769 hp through the rear wheels.