1Password: 14 days free and 50% discount on the family plan

1Password: 14 days free and 50% discount on the family plan


If you understand the importance of keeping your data safe online, from passwords to credit cards, and are looking for a solution that satisfies the whole family, we inform you that you can try 1Password Families for free for 14 days and then get a discount of 50% on the family plan, that is the one that will allow you to create and manage up to 5 different accounts.

Security on the web is never too much and, nowadays, it takes very little to fall into a trap , thus risking losing important documents or access to the sites on which you have registered. 1Password is among the best solutions related to this type of online security and, in addition to storing the various passwords in a safe and encrypted place, it also allows you to store copies of your most important documents.

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A security software that everyone should have, even more so if the same computer is used by multiple family members, where everyone visits and logs in to certain websites, thus increasing the risk of being exposed to cyber attacks. 1Password Families is designed to meet these needs, keeping the access data of each family member private and in a single software.

If you need to share some data with each member of the family, you can always do it with maximum safety, thanks to the numerous functions integrated into the program. Furthermore, it will no longer be necessary to remember any access data, since the only password you will need to keep in mind will be the one reserved for access to 1Password Families. The software will then take care of making you select the correct login data based on the site you want to connect to.

If your current passwords are weak and you want to make them more secure, 1Password will once again come to your aid, as it includes a unique and complex password creation function, specifically designed to protect your accounts. Everything can be synchronized with your mobile devices, so that even the latter remain protected. In short, a complete software capable of greatly simplifying your PC activities, now at a very attractive price.

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1Password Review

1Password is powerful, configurable, and easy to use. It has an excellent range of features, combined with an interface that won’t intimidate the non-technical, making it a great choice for families, but only paid subscriptions are available.

  • Excellent interface
  • Can share passwords with anyone
  • In-app TOTP password generation
  • Availability
  • UKRRP: £30.42
  • USARRP: $35.88
  • Security:256-bit AES encryption. Your 1Password data is kept safe by AES-GCM-256 authenticated encryption.
  • Sharing: Generate link to share with anyone (including non-members) for designated up to 30 days, vault sharing with family members and up to 5 family account guests
  • Storage: 1GB encrypted attachment or secure file storage for paid subscribers
  • Stand-alone clients: Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS
  • Browser extensions: Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Safari
  • Introduction

    1Password is a fantastic password manager, and one of the few that has no free tier.

    However, it does a lot to justify its subscription price, and even allows you to share passwords with people who don’t have a 1Password account.

    It has one of the most pleasing user experiences I’ve encountered in a password manager, with a very consistent cross-platform interface that puts everything you need at your fingertips.


    1Password is one of the more expensive password managers around, but that still doesn’t come to much. A single-user Personal subscription costs just $35.88 (£30.42) per year, while a Families subscription with five accounts costs $59.88 (£50.77) per year.

    Even if your subscription lapses you can always access and export your stored passwords, which is a nice courtesy.

  • 1TB of storage included
  • Travel Mode is a killer feature
  • Features include two-factor authentication
  • 1Password is able to autosave and autofill browser passwords, payment cards and address forms via its extensions, as well as store a huge range of different kinds of manually entered data so that you can keep it securely at your fingertips

    The scale of this becomes apparent when you manually create a new entry, and a selection box offers you custom templates for everything from API credentials and SSH keys to medical records and driving licenses. You get 1GB of storage to keep additional attachments, notes, scans and key files in as needed.

    Most password managers have a notes field you can use for this stuff, and LastPass has almost as many categories, albeit hidden, but it’s very well presented here. In fact, both the dedicated apps and browser extensions all have conspicuously good user interfaces.

    There’s even a suggested Travel essentials suggestion box that reminds you to add important documents and sites for an upcoming trip to a Travel Mode vault. 1Password’s Travel Mode remains something of a killer feature, although LastPass’s Identities settings can be used in a similar way.

    When you travel, only password vaults that you’ve designated as travel-safe will be shown when you – or a customs and immigration official – examines your phone. This is particularly useful for people who retain sensitive corporate passwords travelling to places that regularly engage in device checks, such as the USA and China.

    1Password password manager desktop app

    1Password password manager desktop app

    1Password has a fantastic range of features. You can add two-factor authentication to access your passwords, in the form of either a TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) authenticator or a security key. And for stored passwords, there’s also an integrated TOTP code generator.

    The desktop client and browser plugins make it really easy to use your system password or biometric login method instead of typing your master password every time, which is a nice touch – do make sure you use a highly secure system password if you’re going to do this, however.

    Your passwords re-lock after 10 minutes or when the browser or app is closed, and this timeout period is user configurable.

    1Password is a zero-knowledge service and doesn’t grant emergency account access to other users, although it helps you create a physical emergency kit to be safely stored or entrusted to your loved ones in case the worst happens.

    If you forget your password, you can always use the password information in this emergency kit to get back into your account. Family and team administrators can also recover their users’ accounts, and you can also export passwords from any device that’s still logged in (for example because biometric or system authentication login is enabled) and then reset 1Password and re-import all your passwords.

    Unlike most password managers, password sharing isn’t limited to just other 1Password users. You can generate a link to share with anyone for a designated period of us up to 30 days, while 1Password Family adds vault sharing with family members and up to five family account guests.

    Latest dealsShould you buy it?

    If you’re looking for convenience:

    1Password has fantastic browser extensions and a great desktop app. It ties in brilliantly with system passwords and biometric logins, making it one of the most seamlessly functional password managers around.

    If you require sophisticated and customisable security:

    1Password is pretty strong on this front, too, but Bitwarden has a few more features that cater to highly technical users, while KeePass is more customisable still.

    Final Thoughts

    1Password is an outstanding password manager. Its controls aren’t quite as granular as those of Bitwarden and there’s no equivalent to Bitwarden’s Free Organisation – you need a family or business-oriented team account to share entire vaults with someone else. However, 1Password has a friendlier interface that provides a little less friction for non-technical users.

    How we test

    We test each password manager ourselves on a variety of computer and mobile operating systems. We carry out comparative feature analysis against industry standards and rival products, and test security and convenience settings such as default logout behaviour and offline access.

    We used for at least a week.

    Tested all of the available features.

    FAQsCan 1Password be hacked?

    Anything can be hacked, even a password manager. Although the likes of 1Password encrypts your data so it’s still pretty secure.

    Is 1Password for free?

    No. There is no free tier for 1Password.

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