Why is it full of strangers on our Facebook feed today?

Why is it full of strangers on our Facebook feed today?

There are many reports this morning by Facebook users who have found posts (such as comments, photos, links) of people who do not know each other and who are not part of their circle of virtual friends, on the main screen of the app or of the site.

These posts seem to come mainly from the message boards of thick users such as actors, footballers, influencers or politicians, based on the pages followed by the user.

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The problem does not only concern Italy but also other countries. You can verify this by checking the international version of Downdetector where reports are pouring in from users from all over the world. Among other things, as if that were not enough, many users have reported a general down on Facebook, but perhaps only annoyed by this bug that makes the application unusable.

Is anyone else's Facebook broken or have I been hacked. This is my entire feed pic.twitter.com/nQwvtLqRjT

- chris (@chrismearle) August 24, 2022

We do not know how long Meta will take to solve the problem, but we hope that it is not a planned maneuver by Facebook to increase interactions with pages instead of with the closest people and that we have added to "friends "On the platform.

This is a radical change for the social network which is increasingly a platform for content creators and advertising space and less and less a place where you can share your experiences with the people you care about.