The magic wand to control any switch at home

The magic wand to control any switch at home

What's better than a simple switch or a simple voice command? Simple, a magic wand to be placed in a scenographic way on a smart stone placed on the wall to turn on or off any device or appliance connected to the current. The bizarre and curious idea bears the signature of the engineers of the group known as The Magic of Things based in London, who published the project in search of funds on Kickstarter, immediately garnering some interest. The strong point of this idea called Wizard Smart Switch is in fact the way in which it proposes how to complicate your life in a creative and original way.

Thanks to smart plugs (here is our selection of the best ones at a good price) it is possible to make any accessory, small or large household appliance and device connected to a power socket smart, because the special loop is connected to the wi-fi network and can receive commands via an app or through a voice assistant to switch on or off. The starting point of Wizard Smart Switch is the same since you have to install a real pass-through smart plug with universal input to which you can connect blenders, music players, microwave ovens, boilers, speakers, motorized shutters, lamps, projectors and so on. Street. The deviation from a normal smart controller lies in the fact that there is no app, but the procedure is complicated in an unexpected way: in fact, a pentagonal-shaped stone called Runestone equipped with a battery must be placed near the device to be controlled. of a sensor with LED light in the center, after which to carry out the on / off command you will have to place the tip of the smart magic wand.

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The demonstration video of the magic wand

Wizard Smart Switch can therefore add a pinch of magic to everyday life, for example for lovers of various sagas from Harry Potter on down. Each smartplug can communicate with 32 stones, whose internal stylus batteries can last for weeks. You can still finance / order a set of magic wand + stone + smartplug at the special price of 94 euros with shipments expected in November.