The gaming computer integrated into a toilet

The gaming computer integrated into a toilet

Although there are no official statistics, it is known that one of the most used gaming stations by millions of people around the world is the bathroom and more precisely the toilet: if you used to read the labels of the bottles of detergents and shower gel, now it is always more common to allow yourself a playful break in peace. The youtuber Basically Homeless has put in his commitment and ingenuity and wanted to pay homage to toilet gaming by modifying his cup, integrating a functioning system into the water tank, with the inevitable window to observe the components appropriately illuminated by LED lights. rgb.

To assemble your gaming pc the phase of choosing the case is always very delicate, because it is not just a container, but the right frame for a painting: usually you opt for models equipped with a wide opening on one side so as to easily access the various hardware components for cleaning, repairs or replacements, but also to admire them from time to time. The youtuber Basically Homeless went much further, with a challenge that required him to study a bit of plumbing basics as he chose his own toilet bowl as a case. After opening a window in the porcelain, right on the front, he used plexiglass to get a smaller water tank, so as to make room for components such as motherboard, processor (Intel i7 12700k), video card (Rtx 3060), ram, ssd, power cables and rgb lights. In general, the youtuber has divided the tray space in half: 50% for the exhaust and 50% for the gaming hardware, digging more holes for a cooling fan on the top and for the cable entry on the back. .

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The video that tells of the creation of the gaming computer in the toilet

After a first failed test with the water leaking out of the DIY plexiglass tank, the final result was a fully functional hybrid toilet-computer, which can drain the water without problems and at at the same time holding the latest generation titles. To complete the set, Basically Homeless mounted a keyboard and mouse holder and a large display on the wall in front of the toilet, inaugurating it with a game of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Speaking of unusual computers, here are those assembled in a Zx Spectrum crate, a pack of beers complete with a projector, and even a shoe-shaped case.