Street Fighter 6: Capcom presents Kimberly and Juri

Street Fighter 6: Capcom presents Kimberly and Juri

Street Fighter 6

Capcom's upcoming line up of titles is packed with very diverse experiences. Among some new IPs such as Exoprimal and Pragmata, fans of the historical franchises of the Osaka company are eagerly waiting to see more details on the next Resident Evil, Dragon’s Dogma and of course also Street Fighter 6. We have already seen a lot of the new chapter of the fighting game, but in these hours two characters have been presented that will be present in the roster since the launch.

The recent announcement on the Street Fighter 6 theme has taken place during the EVO 2022 championship, where fighting games were great protagonists between competitions and several new trailers. Capcom also took advantage of the opportunity by showing us a new unreleased character and a great comeback. The new entry is called Kimberly and presents itself with a frenetic fighting style full of combos that are linked with the main theme of the character, namely graffiti.

Capcom reveals new Street Fighter 6 fighters: Juri and Kimberly.

Learn about the character design for the sadistic fighter and new ninja:

- PlayStation (@PlayStation) August 8, 2022

As the months go by, the roster of Steet Fighter 6 is expanding more and more with new entries, great returns and iconic characters who have made history not only in the genre, but of all the videogame medium. Finally, we remind you that we do not yet know the exact launch date of the new chapter of Street Fighter, but Capcom intends to release this new title in the course of next year.

Street Fighter 6 Reveals New and Returning Characters

As part of this past weekend's Evo 2022 fighting game tournament, Street Fighter 6 developer Capcom officially revealed two new characters set to be on the roster when the upcoming fighting video game releases next year for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. More specifically, Street Fighter 6 will officially see Juri return once again as well as add the totally new character Kimberly.

'Kimberly invited herself to become Guy's student, who is the 39th Successor to Bushinryu after defeating his master Zeku, the 38th Successor,' the PlayStation Blog post about the new Street Fighter 6 characters reads in part. 'Kimberly had an ordinary upbringing, but she's a prodigy who graduated college early and now wants to be a full-fledged ninja. She is infatuated with '80s pop culture when the portable cassette player was at its peak popularity, hence why she always carries one with her.'

You can check out what Juri and Kimberly look like in action within Street Fighter 6 for yourself embedded below:

In addition to the new Street Fighter 6 roster additions, Capcom also revealed two new commentators. As previously revealed, the title allows players to enable real-time commentary, and there are basically two different types: Play-by-Play Commentator and Color Commentator. The former describes the action as it happens quickly and articulately while the latter offers insight and analysis for the match. Tasty Steve has been revealed as a Play-by-Play Commentator option in Street Fighter 6 while James Chen marks the first Color Commentator revealed for the upcoming title.

Broadly speaking, Street Fighter 6 is set to release for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC in 2023. No definitive release date beyond that has been announced. The game includes three game modes in the form of Fighting Ground, World Tour, and Battle Hub. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the upcoming fighting video game right here.

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