MultiVersus, pay attention to the mods: the game does not start

MultiVersus, pay attention to the mods: the game does not start

MultiVersus, pay attention to the mods

The success of MultiVersus is beyond dispute: Player First's game is the most popular title of Warner Bros., an incredible achievement that hardly anyone expected. However, there is a negative side for all PC players and no, we are not referring to support or technical problems, but to the impossibility of using the mods.

Created since the day of launch, MultiVersus mods are different and there is something for everyone. The most quoted and popular are those of the skins, which replace some characters on an aesthetic level, without however touching the moveset. Unfortunately, according to some reports, installing this content would cause the game to stop running.

With this recent patch, Warner made it so the game won't launch with any mods in

- Susie - Multiversus Leaks (@multiversusie) August 17, 2022

Unlike other games, MultiVersus continuously exploits the online sector. It will therefore be difficult to find a solution in such a short time, since it is impossible to launch the title offline without eliminating 90% of its features. The situation is certainly not the best and we sincerely hope that Warner Bros. and Player First will retrace their steps, thus allowing everyone to be able to create additional content.

It looks like MultiVersus' modding scene is dead in the water

It was fun while it lasted, but it seems that mods in MultiVersus are no more.

With its Smash Bros-style battles and eclectic cast of characters, MultiVersus has been a massive hit with fighting fans. In just a matter of weeks, the free-to-play brawler has managed to attract over 10 million players, and with Season 1 promising a wealth of new content, the game is set to reach even greater heights. 

But all is not well in the world of MultiVersus. Following the latest update, fans claim they can no longer boot up the game if they've got mods installed. This comes after players began receiving takedown notices from Warner Bros for videos and streams featuring mods. Now it seems the publisher has gone a step further to ensure that PC players aren't adding their own flavour to the MultiVersus mix.    

Naturally, Warner Bros' actions haven't gone down well. 'Stop destroying the modding community challenge,' tweeted prominent MultiVersus leaker Susie. Modders will no doubt be trying to find a workaround, but until they do, every single mod for the game is effectively obsolete. 

While this seems like a heavy-handed approach by Warner Bros, the company likely feels that it's losing out on potential revenue with people enjoying homebrew creations rather than splashing out on official content. Nonetheless, it's a pretty devastating blow to fans who like to craft wacky creations and share them with the world. 

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