Instagram: all the tricks (old and new) to create spectacular Reels

Instagram: all the tricks (old and new) to create spectacular Reels


The Reels are increasingly at the center of the present and future of Instagram: the short creative videos introduced for some time in the Meta group app can now take advantage of a series of features that make it easier to create creations and montages to share with friends and your contacts. Born in 2020, the Reels are now responsible for 20% of the time spent on Instagram and - as confirmed several times by the number one of the app Adam Mosseri - they will be more and more important in the months to come. Here is a list of the new (and less new) features that you can focus on to make Reel to perfection.

How to exploit the potential of Reels Remix The most interesting tool is Remix, which allows you to make videos creatives now up to 90 seconds long, for example by placing the new video alongside existing ones to respond to those of friends or other people discovered by chance (and soon public photos will also be able to be remixed). You can create a Remix in a very simple way, with a tap on the three dots of the options relating to the Reel you are viewing and then choosing the item Create remix of this Reel / Photo. Among the new functions available on Instagram there are also new layouts such as the green screen to easily change the background; the horizontal / vertical division of the frame or the reaction with a window (picture in picture). You can also take advantage of the Remix in sequence function to play the new video after the original.

The most useful options to create Reel If you are</a> looking for some inspiration for your Reel you can only start from the Models - that is, pre-set formats that you just need to fill with your own videos and any writings, stickers (including those for polls, quizzes or interactive emojis) and so on: to find them just tap the camera icon under Reels and tap Use template when you find the one you want. With the bilateral camera, on the other hand, the shots captured by the front and rear sensors of the smartphone can be used at the same time. To add music to the Reels, you must tap on the music icon at the top to choose a song from the library (or import it if it is at least 5 seconds long with Import audio) and adjust the volume. Finally, Voiceover is also increasingly used to record and add a voice comment: it can be added from the appropriate option after recording a video.

Mother does Instagram Live covered in blood after allegedly stabbing to death 4-year-old daughter and attacking son

A New Orleans mother stands accused of killing her four-year-old daughter and attacking her two-year-old son after she posted a short video on Instagram in which she had blood dripping down her chest.

Janee Pedescleaux, 31, was taken into custody on Sunday on charges of second-degree murder, attempted murder, and second-degree cruelty to a juvenile, according to the New Orleans Police Department.

Ms Pedescleaux allegedly stabbed her daughter to death and tried to do the same to her son, according to NOLA.

Police arrived at the home in the Florida area of New Orleans in Louisiana after 11am on Sunday. At that time, the children had already been taken to a hospital in a private vehicle.

On Sunday afternoon, the boy was in critical condition. The daughter, named by family friends as Paris Roberts, died at the hospital.

NOLA reported that investigators think that Ms Pedescleaux is the woman in a video shared on the social media platform earlier that same day.

The video has been deleted. In the footage, Ms Pedescleaux looks at the camera wearing a bonnet and a blood-stained tank top.

“I’m done,” she says in the video, appearing to be emotional. “My children are dead. I’m done. I’m done with life.”

“It’s all Jermaine’s fault,” she said, according to WWL.

Legal filings reveal that Ms Pedescleaux and the children’s father, Jermaine Roberts, were engaged in a custody battle.

Mr Roberts sued Ms Pedescleaux in Orleans Parish court in April. He was seeking joint custody so that he would be allowed to see the kids on the weekend.

He said in legal filings that Ms Pedescleaux wasn’t allowing him to see the kids, adding that she was “not stable or providing a healthy environment for the kids”, according to NOLA.

A hearing was scheduled to take place later in August.