Hungry Monkey and Gasha: the new Studio Supernova boxed games are coming

Hungry Monkey and Gasha: the new Studio Supernova boxed games are coming

Hungry Monkey and Gasha

Two new board games from Studio Supernova are coming, the two new titles will mainly be aimed at a family audience, but will certainly also excite all those who are looking for light and easy-to-play novelties.

Starting this fall we will find Hungry Monkey and Gasha in all stores, so let's find out what they are.

Studio Supernova games are available for online purchase

Hungry Monkey

In this game the Hungry Monkey has lost his beans; the Ant, by tricking the Tiger, convinced all the jungle animals to help her find them. The players, from 2 to 6, will have to fight each other to be able to play all the cards in their possession and thus win the game.

To win a game of Hungry Monkey you must also have a bit of luck, because it will be necessary knowing how to take advantage of each of the particular effects of the different animal cards, capable of radically changing the rules in the game, thus generating unpredictable twists.

Hungry Monkey will be available for purchase from September 2022.


Gasha will be a title inspired by the famous Japanese machines in which you turn the knob and receive a plastic sphere inside which there is a nice gadget. In this game, players will have to have fun collecting as many toys to expand their collection.

Gasha will be a title based on a simple mechanics of collecting and transforming into points and fast (the average duration is about twenty minutes ), in which the element of luck will cover an important part of the gameplay, as exactly as it happens in the real Gashas, ​​you never know what will come out once the dispenser knob is turned.

The game will be like this be suitable for the whole family and novice players as well as for all those who want a title capable of entertaining and therefore perfect for playful evenings with friends.