Bugatti, a new hypercar is preparing for its debut

Bugatti, a new hypercar is preparing for its debut


In the last few days, the Bugatti car manufacturer announced that it will unveil a new model on the occasion of Monterey Car Week 2022. Thanks to the publication of a video teaser, the French brand has anticipated a new variant of the Chiron which will soon make its debut.

Not surprisingly, thanks to a short video teaser released by the Bugatti car manufacturer on its profiles social shows the front shape that distinguishes the vehicle. The video, called “Unlock an icon”, reveals the front silhouette of a sports car with four-stripe LED headlights, a feature that makes us think a lot about the Bugatti Divo.


19 AUGUST 2022 | 10:20 PDT (17:20 GMT)


- Bugatti (@Bugatti) August 17, 2022

A new teaser also reveals that the new Bugatti will be without a roof. The hypothesis therefore remains of the presence of a folding roof similar to that which distinguishes the Veyron Grand Sport. Although the French carmaker has decided not to reveal its name yet, it stressed that it will be "the last of its kind". A detail that suggests that it could be the last car with a W16 engine without electrification or the last based on the Chiron.

It is also possible that the manufacturer may decide to limit the production of the new sports car to a small number of specimens. Monterey Car Week therefore represents a great opportunity to unveil the new hypercar.

Bugatti Will Unveil Something Special Tomorrow To Kick Off Monterey Car Week

Bugatti will unveil a new vehicle at the Quail Lodge event tomorrow morning.


Tomorrow, a press embargo clears and Bugatti’s latest special-bodied car will be unveiled at the Quail Lodge. Below are a few teaser images, with many more complete images to arrive tomorrow morning.

Bugatti will unveil a new vehicle tomorrow at the Quail Lodge, kicking off Monterey Car Week.


Bugatti in the VW era has been defined by the W16 4-turbo engine, now in its second-generation. Along with the W12 engine at Bentley, the Bugatti W16 illustrates the VW Group’s remarkable ability to create engines from modular systems.

The late Ferdinand Piëch bought several luxury brands in the 1990s: Lamborghini, Bentley, and Bugatti. With Bugatti, he set demanding targets, including 1000 horsepower, 0-100 kmh in less then three seconds, and a top speed of 400 kmh (248 mph). The car to be unveiled tomorrow will meet all those original targets established by Ferdinand Piëch, and then some. It will be viewed as a milestone.

A new Bugatti will be unveiled tomorrow at the Quail Lodge, a strong kick-off to a Monterey Car Week ... [+] that is rebounding after the struggles of COVID lockdowns.