Amazon: Playstation 5 and more, how do purchases by invitation work?

Amazon: Playstation 5 and more, how do purchases by invitation work?


Finally, after a run-in period abroad, the new Amazon purchase function has also arrived at us. Through the "by invitation" mode, in fact, you will have the convenience of booking the product you want quickly and easily, in periods when it is not already available on the store.

An important change, designed specifically to avoid that bots or touts on the web end up grabbing large quantities of items, drastically reducing their availability and not allowing you to complete your purchases. Not surprisingly, Amazon has decided to immediately inaugurate the system "by invitation" with the much coveted PlayStation 5, almost always unavailable or resold by third parties at unrealistic prices. In this article, we will take care of explaining in detail the new feature introduced by the store, to help you make the most of it and smoothly.

First of all, is this feature available only for Amazon Prime users? The answer is no, it is a system designed to favor all users of the platform without giving advantages to those who own Prime, at least according to what has been revealed so far.

In addition, take advantage of the "by invitation" mode it is extremely fast and intuitive, as you just need to click on the new "request invitation" button and then wait for the email from the store at a later time. Obviously, this step will not allow you to switch to the direct purchase of the product, but it will allow you to apply for it as soon as possible, by entering a digital queue without the need to wait for your turn. Amazon will then make sure to assign only one product to each registered user as soon as there is new availability.

This will allow you to take home even the most requested items with minimal effort! Once you receive the Amazon email, you will have 72 hours to complete the purchase. If you do not arrive at checkout on time, however, you will lose the priority of purchasing the product. At the moment, the system has been combined with the excellent Playstation 5 Standard Edition bundle plus Horizon Zero Dawn: Forbidden West but we look forward to discovering the other articles on which it will be proposed!

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HBO cites Amazon Fire TV for app crashing during House of the Dragon premiere night

House of the Dragon debuted its first episode on HBO and HBO Max Sunday night. And in a major throwback to the days of Game of Thrones, when HBO GO would regularly crash beneath the stampede of bloodthirsty cable cutters, multiple folks had a problem with HBO Max.

The problem, according to HBO, might've been... Amazon. Specifically, Amazon's Fire TV.

'House of the Dragon was successfully viewed by millions of HBO Max subscribers last night. A small portion of users attempting to connect via Fire TV devices had issues and we worked directly with impacted users to get them into the platform,' a spokesperson for HBO said in a statement to EW.

The Hollywood Reporter was the first to report the statement.

House of The Dragon; Lord of the Rings The Rings of Power

Ollie Upton / HBO; Matt Grace/Prime Video Is Amazon the secret, inadvertent culprit behind HBO Max crashing during 'House of the Dragon' premiere night?

The comments on social media seem to support that. Various individuals reported issues with the HBO Max app on Fire TV.

The funniest part of all this is that Amazon will soon be the home of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, its own high-budget blockbuster fantasy series that has been in an uneasy dance with HBO's House of the Dragon for some time. Questions persist as to whether people will watch both shows simultaneously or gravitate to one over the other. If you're a glutton for genre, this is the kind of conundrum you've probably been craving.

Amazon and Cinemark just announced this weekend that they will be screening the first two episodes of The Rings of Power in movie theaters starting Aug. 31 — a few days after the second episode of House of the Dragon hits HBO on Aug. 28. Previously, the streamer announced it would change up its premiere rollout, with The Rings of Power sharing its first two episodes on premiere day, Sep. 1. This change allows the show's finale to air before House of the Dragon's.

So, did the home of The Rings of Power inadvertently sabotage House of the Dragon's big night? The streaming wars rage on.

Story continues

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