Travel safely on vacation with these Dash Cams on offer on Amazon

Travel safely on vacation with these Dash Cams on offer on Amazon

The month of July has arrived, and it is time to think seriously about the summer holidays, with the first departures already scheduled for this weekend, and with round trips that, as usual, will last until the month of September.

Of course, traveling is a pleasure, but pleasure does not always go hand in hand with safety, especially if you travel by car, where you are also subject to the careless driving of those around you. For this reason, before traveling, you could opt for the purchase of a dash cam, or a device that allows you to record your car trip from both the front and the back of the car, to protect yourself in case of accidents. (It is clear that we wish you a safe and trouble-free journey).

For this reason we would like to point out that on Amazon, in these hours, the dash cam of the emerging brand Redtiger is discounted, which on the portal is in 18% discount, and can therefore be purchased for only € 135.89 by virtue of the original € 165.89. A price, all in all, more than convenient, given the increase that this range of products undergoes cyclically in the summer.

Equipped with an efficient Sony STARVIS sensor, designed to record videos at a maximum resolution in 4K, the Redtiger dash cam is equipped with a 170-degree wide-angle front eye, and a 140-degree rear eye, and is capable of reading road signs and license plates in real time, even when maintaining sustained speed.

In this way the blind spots are reduced to a minimum, and it will be possible to record all useful information in the event of an accident or collision, so as to be correct in the event of disputes. As if that weren't enough, this dash cam also features a functional night mode, thanks to an excellent optical lens with an ultra-wide F1.5 aperture and 6 layers, capable of capturing images even in low light conditions.

As if that were not enough, unlike other similar products, this dash cam is even equipped with some great extras, which make the driving experience safer and more comfortable, such as a built-in GPS useful to record the driving route, in addition to monitoring position and speed, as well as an integrated G-sensor, capable of detecting vibrations and sudden collisions, so as to make emergency recordings.

To close what, undoubtedly, is an excellent product, then there is an integrated wi-fi connection system, which will allow you to connect the dash cam to a special smartphone app (available for both iOS and Android), and with which to keep track of the recorded information, as well as be able to take advantage of the direct viewing of recorded videos.

Read also: Summer holidays: the best cars to travel In short, in view of the holidays, or in any case of your own car journeys, a dash cam can undoubtedly do the difference in terms of security and, for this reason, we invite you not to delay the wineskin and to proceed with your purchase by visiting the Amazon page dedicated to the promo, so as to put this dash cam in the cart before the prices go up again.

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