The Tezuka 2022 prize manga, Chi - Chikyu no Undo ni Tsuite, becomes anime

The Tezuka 2022 prize manga, Chi - Chikyu no Undo ni Tsuite, becomes anime

The Tezuka 2022 prize manga

The number 30 of Big Comic Spirits (Shogakukan) has announced in the course of the last hours that Chi - Chikyu no Undo ni Tsuite (About the Motion of the Earth), manga written and drawn by the twenty-four year old Uoto, as well as first place in the Tezuka 2022 contest, becomes an anime made by Madhouse (One-Punch Man).

The Tezuka 2022 award-winning manga, Chi - Chikyu no Undo ni Tsuite, becomes anime

The manga won the latest edition of the annual cultural award dedicated to Osamu Tezuka (Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize) in April 2022 and the manga's author, Uoto, is the youngest author to have been awarded the award (only 24 years old).

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The shocks of the Renaissance-era discoveries are starting to graze in 15th-century Europe, just like those who are burned for heresy as a result of the discoveries themselves. In Poland, a child prodigy named Rafal is initiated into great theological studies, however, the encounter with a certain mysterious man will lead him to a truth considered heretical for the time: the heliocentric theory.

The short but intense manga, suitable for a mature and history-loving public, manages to evoke one of the darkest and most controversial periods of the Catholic religion which, in order to affirm dogmas and spiritual principles, was willing to everything, even to persecute and finally eliminate those who proposed against the trend. The inventions and scientific discoveries of the intellectuals of the fifteenth century in contrast with religious principles, to cite an example the Heliocentric Theory in contradiction to the Geocentric one, were considered heresies and the fulcrum of this manga is to recall the precariousness of the human genius put under press from the dominant entity of the time. But not only that.

The manga is not yet available in our country, however it deserves mention pending a future publication.

Madhouse Animates Tezuka Award Winner Manga ‘Chi: ChikyÅ« no Undō ni Tsuite’

Chi: On the Movements of the Earth is a series that breaks the barriers of shonen, isekai, and other such common genres to reflect on a subject that very few have touched upon.

Set in mid-15th century Poland, the manga focuses on the fate of ‘heretical’ thinkers for their theories that stood against the religious beliefs of that time. The protagonist, Rafal, a genius 12-year-old has to decide if he wants to pursue the truth or live his life in peace while suppressing his curiosity.

Chi: On the Movements of the Earth is set to receive an anime adaptation that will show you the bigotry present in the world during the Middle Ages. Studio Madhouse has taken up the series’ animation production.

ちなみに、、、本日発売の「ビッグコミックスピリッツ30号」では、 #魚豊 先生の描き下ろしイラストとコメントが掲載されています🌟是非、ご覧ください‼️#アニメのチ。

— 『チ。ー地球の運動についてー』アニメ公式 (@chi_anime_pr) June 27, 2022

as a side note,,,

 In “Big Comic Spirits No. 30” released today, illustrations and comments drawn by #魚豊 Sensei are posted.

 Please take a look ‼️


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The announcement was published in issue 30 of the Big Comics Spirits magazine.

Chi -ChikyÅ« no Undō ni Tsuite won the Grand Prize at the 26th Annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize awards in April. The manga’s plot and portrayals are proof enough that it is truly deserving of the award.

Uoto has presented the story of those humans who have sacrificed their lives to prove the heliocentric theory. The manga is filled to the brim with realistic depictions of how scientific-minded people used to be tortured and killed.

In the midst of this chaos, we encounter Rafal, a prodigy who dreams of astronomy but is pressurized into pursuing theology, the most celebrated subject of the time.

The upcoming anime will show how Rafal breaks away from the old mindset and pursues his dream in secrecy, all the while knowing that a single slip will only lead to death.

About Chi: On the Movements of the Earth

Chi: On the Movements of the Earth is a manga by Uoto that was first published in the Big Comic Spirits magazine in September 2020. It ended in April 2022. Studio Madhouse will produce its anime adaptation.

The manga is set in mid-15th century Poland. It depicts the lives of those who risk their lives to prove the heliocentric theory. Rafal, a 12-year-old prodigy, is the protagonist who is interested in astronomy and discovers the secrets behind how the Earth actually revolves around the Sun.

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