Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: The new patch will allow you to use all characters

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin: The new patch will allow you to use all characters

Stranger of Paradise

The next Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin patch will allow you to select and guide all party characters in single player, so no longer just Jack. The announcement was made by Square Enix with a tweet, in which it also published images of the various components of the party.

The patch will be released together with the Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin expansion. This is a feature very much awaited by fans of the game, one that could give it a little more variety.

For the rest we remind you that Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is available for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PS4 and PS5. Anyone wishing to know more can read our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin review, in which we wrote:

Stranger of Paradise alternates rather good elements with others less successful, offers an original experience for the public of Final Fantasy fans but fails to leave its mark to the point of hoping for a sequel. Undoubtedly, we could have expected more from the union between the Square Enix series and the team behind Nioh, but we remain at the door anyway, curious to find out if the Japanese publisher will want to carry out this type of experiments. With the hope that the resources put into play and the time dedicated to them can bring to light products capable of conquering in all their parts.

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Strangers of Paradise DLC Next Week, Season Pass Announced

The first of three expansions, the Strangers of Paradise DLC' Trials of the Dragon King', will be heading to players on July 20, 2022. The DLC will include new weapons, characters, mechanics, and jobs for the players to choose from.

Strangers of Paradise DLC Trials of the Dragon screenshot of home screen

Publishers at Square Enix have quite a bit in store for Strangers of Paradise FFO players within the next week, and the 'Trials of the Dragon King' DLC looks to bring an array of new features for players to immerse themselves in. One of the key features to note would be the new characters that will make an appearance; Bahamut and the Warrior of Light. Bahamut is the King of all Dragonkind, who creates trials for those who wish to seek titles within his ranks. The Warriors of Light will appear in Cornelia, where they will lend their aid in the fight to restore the light to the crystals in an attempt to save the world.

A new trailer for the DLC has also been released, which can be viewed here.

The DLC will also feature new jobs and weapons that players can choose. Summoners can use their job action to summon Bahamut to fight alongside them, and while he is active, players' HP and MP will slowly decrease. Though that may seem like a hindrance, players trade their HP and MP for control over Bahamut, where they can utilize his powerful abilities as an advantage over foes. Evokers can use their job action to summon a spirit to join them in battle, and this spirit will automatically attack enemies that the player engages with. The spirits also come with their own powerful abilities to aid in combat and heal allies nearby. As for the new weapon available, players can now use staves. The staff is a mighty and intense striking weapon that can be used up close or from a distance. During standard combos, players can use a thrust attack or add space between them and their enemy to gain the upper hand depending on the situation. 

New mechanics are always helpful in FFO, and this DLC brings a few of them that seem to be an asset. Players will now be able to equip accessories, an entirely new category within their equipment menu. Some accessories available can also give the player special abilities to use that can't be obtained by weapons or armor equipment. Since the accessories can also boost the player's stats, they become an exciting and vital role in their customization. Class changes also add more depth to the game, allowing players to use their job tree under battle settings to swap classes at any time. There are two different classes to choose from, evocation and ultima. Each class can give power to specific job actions available differently, making it a vital asset for players. 

On top of all the new mechanics and weapons comes new missions and a season pass. The season pass will include three total expansions and the additional new mission, 'Trials of the Dragon King.' The season pass will become available to players on July 20, 2022, and will cost $24.99 on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. Square Enix also has planned content for the season pass, which includes 'Wanderer of the Rift' and 'DIFFERENT FUTURE' labeled as coming soon.