New crossover between Spawn and Batman announced (after almost 30 years)

New crossover between Spawn and Batman announced (after almost 30 years)

Great news for Dark Knight fans. During the "DC's Jim Lee and Friends" panel, a new comic cross-over between Spawn and Batman was announced. This is the first time in almost 30 years that the two characters have met again: the last time was in 1994 with Batman / Spawn: War Devil and the single Spawn / Batman issue by Frank Miller and Todd McFarlane.

New crossover between Spawn and Batman announced

Batman / Spawn # 1 will arrive in American comics on December 13th, published by DC Comics, and will see McFarlane return to writing and Greg Capullo at the tables: the duo has worked for years on numerous Spawn comics for Image Comics. Batman / Spawn: War Devil, on the other hand, will be reprinted on December 15th.

Returning to Spawn, the character that McFarlane created for Image Comics at the time of the publishing house's foundation in 1992, there are major projects in the pipeline: the author is in fact working on new comics, TV series and above all a new film, for some time now in a productive limbo (the protagonist will be Jamie Foxx). The first issue became the best-selling independent book in the history of American comics.

Rumors of a new cross-over between Batman and Spawn date back to 2017 when Todd McFarlane revealed that he had proposed a new story involving the two characters. We look forward to understanding when the new issue will also arrive in Italy.