New confirmations on Intel Meteor Lake architecture

New confirmations on Intel Meteor Lake architecture

Earlier this month, a video from YouTube channel Moore's Law Is Dead suggested that the next Intel processors known under the codename "Meteor Lake" would be released in late 2023, if not early 2024. latest information, the CPUs will be based on a hybrid architecture that will make use of three different types of cores: to the already known P-Core and E-Core introduced for the first time with Alder Lake, the so-called "E- Core LP ”.

The wording“ LP ”seems to stand for“ Low Power ”, thus suggesting that these are cores operating at very low power and intended to relieve the entire CPU of lighter tasks. In particular, the P-Cores will be based on the new Redwood Cove architecture, while the E-Cores will instead use the new Crestmont design, replacing the Raptor Cove and Gracemont cores that await us on Raptor Lake, respectively.

#Intel #MeteorLake perfmon events: #Intel #MeteorLake CPUID A06Ax (#RedwoodCove + #Crestmont) confirmation: pic / R9SmCzKrAQ

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Further confirmations regarding this data have recently come from Microsoft's shared Perfmon logs on Twitter from leaker @ InstLatX64. As you can read, in fact, the high performance cores are referred to as "Redwood Cove", while the high efficiency ones as "Crestmont". As for the rest of the specs, the Meteor Lake chips will be the first built on the Intel 4nm production node and will have a completely new Intel Xe-LPG integrated GPU on board with, presumably, up to 192 Execution Units, although some leaks have indicated. 128 EU for the series intended for notebooks.| ); }