Intel Arc Alchemist pricing and positioning: what do you think?

Intel Arc Alchemist pricing and positioning: what do you think?

Intel Arc Alchemist pricing and positioning

While Intel engineer Tom Petersen, in the company of Ryan Shrout, is busy promoting the most interesting models of the Arc Alchemist range, new rumors finally tell us something about the price of the new GPUs. The info comes from Wccftech which managed to obtain a recent slide of the company intended for partners in Taiwan. According to what was reported in the document that emerged, the top of the range Arc A770 is destined to compete against Nvidia's RTX 3060 Ti and AMD's Radeon RX 6650 XT, occupying a price range of less than $ 399. Just below we find the Arc A750, of which the official benchmarks have recently been shared, which should deal directly with the RTX 3060 and the Radeon RX 6600 in the price range under $ 349.

Unfortunately they are not specified yet the exact prices, the document however lists the TDP of each model along with the amount of memory, data still unknown for some GPUs. Specifically, the Arc A770 will have a TDP of 225W and will be available in two versions, respectively with 8GB and 16GB of VRAM. The Arc A750 will have a similar TDP, but will be available with 8GB video memory, as opposed to the previously reported 12GB.

Source: Wccftech
All that remains is to wait for more details on the official launch date which, given the marketing done by Intel in the last few days, should now be close.

Intel Reveals Arc A770, Pricing, and Performance Tiering

Intel's A770, A750, A580, A380, and A310 desktop discrete Arc graphics cards are expected to compete with AMD Radeon and Nvidia GeForce. On the other hand, the first Arc generation (' Alchemist ') should be on par with the Radeon RXa> 6650 XT and GeForce RTX 3060 Ti.

Wccftech claims to have gotten the reveal PowerPoint from Intel partners in Taiwan, and although the material is subject to change, it provides the first pricing estimate for the new Alchemist series of GPUs. The mentioned prices are presumably tax-free. Intel's new product stack reveals that the firm has priced its Arc A700-series cheaper than anticipated compared to the competition.

Arc AlchemistSerieArc A310Arc A380Arc A580Arc A750Arc A770MSRP~100 dollar$125 to $149$200 to $249$279 to $349$349 to $399TDP75W75W175W225W225WMemory4GB GDDR66GB GDDR68GB GDDR68GB GDDR616/8 GB GDDR6SegmentEntryMainstream -Performance -Performance +Performance +

The Arc A750 is listed underneath the RTX 3060 and the Radeon RX 6600. The Arc A770 will be available in 8 and 16 GB SKUs and will compete with the RTX 3060 Ti and Radeon RX 6650 XT. The A750 is reported to be an 8 GB card with a 225 Watt TDP, while the A750 is supposed to be an 8 GB card with a 225 Watt TDP. The only good news is that the two cards are definitely in the $300-399 price range, with the A750 maybe falling somewhat below that depending on how precisely one interprets the SKU positioning relative to the pricing ranges.

there is no Intel Arc A780 and there was never planned to be an A780, is also something an intel employee states.

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