Horizon Forbidden West: Video analytics tests 40fps mode and VRR

Horizon Forbidden West: Video analytics tests 40fps mode and VRR

Horizon Forbidden West

ElAnalistaDeBits has released a new video analysis that compares the 40fps balanced mode of Horizon Forbidden West introduced a few weeks ago on PS5 with others available since the launch of the exclusive PlayStation by Guerrilla Games.

Horizon Patch 1.17 Forbidden West was released on July 6th and introduced VRR compatibility and balanced mode for supported displays.

As explained in the ElAnalistaDeBits analysis, this mode brings the framerate to 40 fps while maintaining resolution native 4K. Consequently, the visual rendering is higher than that of Performance at 60 fps and slightly lower than that Resolution, which boasts a better anti-aliasing filter at the expense of the framerate anchored to 30 fps.

On the other hand, there are no differences regarding shadows, draw distance and graphic effects. However, the youtuber has noticed random phenomena of stuttering in all graphics modes by setting the refresh rate of the display to 120Hz.

In addition, with VRR enabled Horizon Forbidden West's Performance Mode is now able to exceed the 60fps threshold. On average we are not talking about an increase in the abysmal framerate, but in any case very welcome.

If you are undecided about which is the best graphics mode for Horizon Forbidden West, ElAnalistaDeBits recommends that Performance with VRR, especially considering that the sacrifices in terms of visual rendering compared to the launch have decreased thanks to the Patch published by Guerrilla Games in the last few months.

Have you noticed any errors?

Horizon Forbidden West: Every Cauldron Location & Rewards

Horizon Forbidden West is filled with puzzles, secrets, and unlockables, but perhaps none are as fun or as useful as Cauldrons. Finding Cauldrons can be a bit tricky since they are scattered all around the game’s massive world. Once players have managed to locate these dungeon-like areas, they still have to overcome the hurdle of completing them in order to unlock the Cauldron’s exclusive overrides.

Overrides are extremely useful items that make Cauldrons well worth the effort. These allow players to take over the machine enemies found throughout the world, forcing them to fight alongside Aloy in battle. They can even make a few of the machines rideable.


There are six Cauldrons in total throughout Horizon Forbidden West. Players may want to tackle these all at once, but it is best to complete the Cauldrons as they are found. Two of the Cauldrons are also locked to story progression and aren’t able to be completed from the start of the game. Cauldrons are also difficult tests — players will need to be skilled and leveled up when taking them on. These dangerous areas of the game can be completed even easier in New Game Plus for players that don’t enjoy the difficulty of the Cauldrons.

*All overrides marked with an asterisk are mountable overrides.

Repair Bay TAU Location

A screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West

Repair Bay TAU is the first Cauldron that players encounter. It is found just west of Plainsong in the eastern mountainous region of the map. Players will reach this Cauldron as they progress through the story, so no need to seek it out ahead of time.

Overrides in Repair Bay TAU:

  • Bristleback (Full Override)*
  • Grimhorn (Corrupted)
  • Plowhorn (Corrupted)
  • Cauldron MU Location

    A screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West

    Cauldron MU can be located to the south of Plainsong. The overrides contained within MU are helpful, especially in the early game, as they help players override some of the most common machines found throughout the Forbidden West.

    Overrides in Cauldron MU:

  • Burrower (Full Override)
  • Scrounger (Full OVerride)
  • Grazer (Full Override)
  • Fanghorn (Corrupted)
  • Scrapper (Corrupted)
  • Widemaw (Corrupted)
  • Cauldron IOTA Location

    A screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West

    Cauldron IOTA is a very useful Cauldron to tackle. This Cauldron contains a wide variety of overrides and also unlocks the Tallneck within when completed, revealing a huge portion of the game’s minimap. This Cauldron can be located north of Scalding Spear.

    Overrides in Cauldron IOTA:

  • Leaplasher (Full override)
  • Longleg (Full override)
  • Clawstrider (Full override)*
  • Lancehorn (Full override)
  • Glinthawk (Corrupted)
  • Rollerback (Corrupted)
  • Snapmaw (Corrupted)
  • Skydrifter (Corrupted)
  • Bellowback (Corrupted)
  • Ravager (Corrupted)
  • Cauldron KAPPA Location

    A screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West

    Cauldron KAPPA is the most difficult Cauldron in the game, and for good reason. The overrides contained in KAPPA allow players to take over some of the most powerful enemies in the game. Players can find this Cauldron by heading west of The Bulwark and making their way to the northern edge of the coast.

    Overrides in Cauldron KAPPA:

  • Tideripper (Full override)
  • Rockbreaker (Full override)
  • Stormbird (Full override)
  • Thunderjaw (Corrupted)
  • Dreadwing (Corrupted)
  • Slitherfang (Corrupted)
  • Tremortusk (Corrupted)
  • Slaughterspine (Corrupted)
  • Cauldron CHI Location

    A screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West

    Cauldron CHI sits along the southern coast below the settlement of Thornmarsh. This Cauldron is tough and should be completed closer to the end of the game. The overrides within are especially helpful once players reach Legacy’s Landfall.

    Overrides in Cauldron CHI:

  • Shell-Walker (Full override)
  • Behemoth (Full override)
  • Clamberjaw (Full override)
  • Redeye Watcher (Full override)
  • Frostclaw (Full override)
  • Stalker (Corrupted)
  • Spikesnout (Corrupted)
  • Fireclaw (Corrupted)
  • Scorcher (Corrupted)
  • Shellsnapper (Corrupted)
  • Cauldron GEMINI Location

    A screenshot from Horizon Forbidden West

    Cauldron GEMINI is found to the southwest of Scalding Spear. This Cauldron is encountered and completed via the main story progression. If players happen upon it before they have received the Gemini quest, they will have to return later in the game. This Cauldron contains one of the best overrides in the game, allowing players to take over and mount a flying machine.

    Overrides in Cauldron GEMINI: