FIFA 23 will partner with Marvel for FUT Heroes, according to an EA website leak

FIFA 23 will partner with Marvel for FUT Heroes, according to an EA website leak

FIFA 23 will partner with Marvel for FUT Heroes

An image has popped up through the official EA website indicating that FIFA 23 and Marvel will collaborate for FUT Heroes. The image appeared via google searches. You can see it below, shared from the FIFA 23 News Twitter profile.

FIFA 23 FUT Heroes website writes: "Some of the fan's favorite champions return to the pitch in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team in the form of FUT Heroes, with special items celebrating the unforgettable moments of theirs. careers that have made them legends. FUT 23 Heroes will be available in the game from launch, with an additional special FIFA World Cup FUT Hero version arriving November 11 to celebrate a memorable performance on the world's biggest stage. "

The players currently confirmed in FIFA 23 FUT Heroes are Ricardo Carvalho, Park Ji-Sung, and Yaya Touré. There is no mention of Marvel and we don't know how this collaboration could take place. It seems unlikely that Captain America and Iron Man will run around the soccer field to score goals, but there may be aesthetic elements for their Marvel-themed players to wear. Or there may be special events completely dedicated to Marvel superheroes.

For the moment it is only a leak and not official information. It is possible that what is indicated by the sources is a very elaborate fake leak: there is nothing left to do but wait for confirmations or denials from EA and the developers of FIFA 23.

In the meantime, we remind you that they have been indicated the minimum and recommended requirements of the PC version of FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23 rumoured to feature Marvel crossover

FIFA 23 fans have spotted new information on EA Sports’ official website which hints at a Marvel crossover with FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT).

People started to notice an image with the Marvel logo which links to EA’s official website.

The image which fans have found


The image which fans have foundCredit: EA Sports

The link goes to a page with new details of FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team, including three new players. 

The website calls the players FUT Heroes, which will be part of the roster on Ultimate Team.

While Marvel is not mentioned beyond the promotional image, the word ‘Heroes’ is featured on both. 

FUT Heroes were featured in the last FIFA release but there was no link to Marvel superheroes at that time.

The site does explain a new function to FUT Heroes, as they will have two versions based on the latest World Cup collaboration.

Each player’s base version will feature a memorable moment from their club careers, and the World Cup version celebrates an achievement at the international level.

The base versions are available from the start but the World Cup FUT Heroes will join the game after release beginning on November 11.

EA Sports has announced three new players which will join the FUT Heroes.

The first is Yaya Touré for his achievements with Manchester City. 

Park Ji-Sung has become a FUT Hero for his assist 36 seconds into the title deciding match against Chelsea.

Finally, Ricardo Carvalho will join the Ultimate Team since he helped his team Porto defeat Monaco 3-0 in the Champions League. 

Their World Cup achievements have yet to be released. However, EA promises to reveal new additions to the FUT Heroes throughout the summer.

Despite FIFA 23 putting more of a focus on women’s football, it seems the Ultimate Team will remain men-only.

FIFA 23 will feature the Women’s World Cup for the first time, the top UK and French league clubs, and Chelsea’s Sam Kerr on the cover.

The link between Marvel and FUT Heroes remains unclear, though with the image linked to the website it seems likely to be an official crossover.

For FIFA 22, EA Sports released a promotional image of the FUT Heroes in generic superhero costumes.

This year we might see the football stars in official Marvel hero attire.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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