Amazing prices for the best of Eastpak, discounts up to 58%!

Amazing prices for the best of Eastpak, discounts up to 58%!

Amazing prices for the best of Eastpak

If you are</a> looking for backpacks, bags and purses at truly unbeatable prices, we recommend that you take a look at the active promotion on the numerous Eastpak products, available at a super discount from Amazon only for Prime Day. At the moment, you can take home many products up to 58% off!

The Eastpak products available are numerous and all different in type, size and also in price range. You can find excellent backpacks for school or for work, small baby carriers and even wallets or purses. For this reason, since this is a really valid offer at a particularly discounted price, we invite you to complete your purchase before the offer ends!

Among the items with the best quality / price ratio we propose the backpack Eastpak Pinnacle available at € 45.90 instead of € 89.00 in the refined Sunday Gray colorway. It is an ideal product for daily use, with two spacious compartments to carry everything you need for the day, from your PC to your personal effects. The model is equipped with an organizer and a spacious front pocket to quickly retrieve what you need, such as keys or wallets.

The quilted backrest and the adjustable padded shoulder straps also guarantee maximum comfort on the shoulders while carrying laptops, books and other everyday items. In addition, the unique design of the shoulder straps, thin but sturdy, not only makes them very comfortable but over time also makes them adapt to the shape of your shoulders, so you won't even notice you're wearing it.

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Supermarkets offering cheaper butter as Lurpak prices shock shoppers

Shoppers have been shocked by the price of Lurpak lately © Ellen Jane Shoppers have been shocked by the price of Lurpak lately

With the cost of living crisis continuing to impact millions of households across the UK, many of us have noticed prices going up, not just on our energy bills and petrol but also on the cost of our food shopping too. One item that has recently got shoppers talking is the rise in the price of Lurpak.

The Danish brand of butter has been trending on Twitter as supermarket customers have been tweeting their thoughts on the eye-watering increase. 500g tubs of Lurpak have been reportedly selling for £5 in some stores, whilst the price of a 1kg tub topped £9 for the first time.

One shopper, Polly Whiter, shared a photo of the 1kg product with a £9.35 price tag on Facebook, the Manchester Evening News reports. The caption read: 'So if you’re on minimum wage you have to work an hour to be able to afford some Lurpak. What a joke this country is'.

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Her post has received more than 1.5k comments and 3.3k shares from fellow gobsmacked shoppers. Some comments branded it as 'disgraceful' whilst others were simply saying not to buy the item as there were plenty of 'cheaper butters' available in stores.

Over on Tesco's website, a 750g tub of slightly salted Lurpak is currently priced at £5.30 and at the moment Asda also has a 750g size tub on a 'Rollback' price of £6. Meanwhile over at Sainsbury's the cost is currently £7.25 for 750g.

Back in March, Asda and Lidl were selling butter at the cheapest for just £1.45 a block, according to The Manchester Evening News who have been undertaking a weekly price comparison and tracking the cost of basic food essentials such as milk, bread and butter across six supermarkets.

As prices have started to increase further over the last couple of months, supermarket store Asda remained cheapest - that was until they announced they would be axing the Smart Price range, replacing it for a new Just Essentials over the summer.

A 250g block of salted butter at Asda, Aldi, Tesco, Sainsbury's and Morrisons now costs £1.75. But meanwhile Lidl seems to be offering the cheapest, and is selling the same size block for £1.72.

That means that four blocks of Lidl's cheapest would cost £6.88, making it £2.47 cheaper than the 1kg Lurpak. But as we all have different taste preferences to butter, it's up to you to judge which is the best quality.


Shoppers left dismayed at the increasing price of Lurpak






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